German GP: Misfortune strikes, and the advantage will be taken

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Sorry I haven’t been around for a few races but my internet has been slower than Robert Kubica stuck in treacle but now we’ve changed provider I’m back into Mercedes territory



In the Stars

Now we are in Mercury Retrograde, the time, which communication and electrical items go on the fritz, so look out for verbal gaffes, Chinese whispers gossip and strange electrical and software problems. Venus enters Leo on Sunday, this could see people in desperate need of adoration, which can make them more demanding and over dramatic, so look out for many diva strops when people are not getting the attention they think they deserve. With the Moon in opposition to Jupiter, a constant, compulsive need for results may lead to some teams shuffling personnel or taking extreme measure to improve the car.


What can we expect to see in the German Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – Four of Coins

What to look out for – Three of Spears

Outcome – Six of Spears


Mood for the weekend: Four of Coins

On the card, the head of the Iron Bank of Braavos sits in his chamber, his hands rest on two gold coins with two interlocking triangles that make a shape like an hourglass, the other two are above him.

The suit of coins represents the element of earth, which shows us family, career, money, the material world and the actual earth.

Money is secure and now you want to keep hold of it, you may be holding on so tight that you don’t want to let go. This is also a card of control and power, now you have that power, you also don’t want to let go. I think this is pointing to the upper echelons of F1, Liberty, the FIA and the Big Three teams, between them, they have all the power and money in F1 and they don’t want to share, at all.

This card also says change is necessary, you need to let go, relinquish some of this power and spend some of the money you have acquired and with the 2021 agreements still being negotiated. It’s time to show some goodwill, give some power back to the drivers and the smaller teams and put a crowbar in your wallet and flash the cash. However, with the hourglass shape on the coins time may be running out for this deal.


What to look out for: Three of Spears

On the card, Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish gazes out over Blackwater Bay at ships gathering for the upcoming battle.

The suit of spears (or wands) represents the element of fire, which in turn shows us creativity, pizzazz, self-will and passion.

This card is all about exploration, foresight and having the power to choose which path you need to follow to get your heart’s desire.

This card is saying, now you can choose your destiny this weekend, you can either stick to the plan or take advantage of opportunity placed in front of you. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of other’s misfortune (Seb again?)

Littlefinger was the master of taking the opportunity of other’s misfortune and this may also be an advantage to you, A warning may very well be in this card too, Littlefinger was a well-known manipulator of events, so beware; someone may very well be manipulating ‘Misfortune’ for their own nefarious purposes.


Outcome: Six of Spears

On the card, Daenerys Targaryan rides into Mereen victorious, as the liberator of the slaves.

This is a card of victory, so, I hear you cry, someone has to win this race. Following on from the last card, the victor could very well be the person that chose the path to take advantage of the opportunities, honest and not so, that have been laid in front of them, a victory is a victory, planned or not. Therefore, this card is saying the victor could possibly be someone who takes full advantage of others mistakes and problems, and in this season of Mercury Retrograde, mechanical fallibility may present the opportunity at some point during the weekend.



The 2021 negotiations will rear their ugly head again this weekend, with The Powers That Be, holding on tightly to their power and money, not willing to budge an inch but may have to, to avoid a stalemate or worse. This weekend’s victor could very well be someone who takes full advantage of other’s misfortune, they may not win the race but the hearts and minds of the fans, so we may possibly see another epic Max/Charles battle on the cards.




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  1. I like treacle and Robert Kubica could be a match for any driver in the right machinery.
    Tarot cards, however, belong in the same realm as homeopathy and Brexit believers.

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