Big turning point of the Miami race weekend coming

For the 2022 Formula 1 season, TJ13 turns toward its resident F1 fan and practitioner of Tarot cards for her thoughts on the up and coming Formula One season ahead. Who is your favourite driver, and will they have a good season? Answers could be explained below ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix in Miami.




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Miami GP 2022 Tarot Reading

What can we expect to see in the Miami Grand Prix?



Mood for the weekend – Justice

What to look out for – Six of Spears

Outcome – The Magician


Mood for the weekend: Justice

On the card, Ned Stark sits on the Iron Throne under the scales of justice.

This is a Major Arcana card, the answer it gives will have far reaching consequences.

This card is exactly what it says, it’s all about justice, fair actions will have fair consequences and the truth will catch up with cheats and liars.

Justice will catch up with offenders, or has it already, Karma is a form of justice, someone who seems to have been getting away with dodgy practices will see justice done and the recipients of those illegal goings on will get what is owed to them.

Who and what this is referring to I don’t know, there have been so many dodgy dealings going on in F1 for the last few years it’s difficult to know where to start but know this, Karma, good or bad, is overlooking this race and she will dispense the justice that’s needed.


What to look out for: Six of Spears.

On the card, Daenerys Targaryan rides into Mereen at the head of her conquering army.

The suit of spears represents the element of fire, this gives us creativity, pizazz, fire and strength.

This is a card of victory, and on the back of justice, I’m think a victory in this will be seen as justice for unfair actions in the past.

Don’t forget to give genuine gratitude for those that helped with you victory, not like Lewis and his “Oscar’s Speech” thanking everyone and “Best fans”. This win will give you self confidence to know you can fight for a win.


Outcome: The Magician

On the card, Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish stands in his brothel, behind him, on a shelf, are the 4 symbols of the suits in a deck of Tarot cards. Also present is a Raven, the necklace he used to frame Sansa for the death of Joffrey, the Valyrian steel dagger used to try and kill Bran Stark and a letter, all the things that kept Littlefinger in power for so long.

This is also Major Arcana card

This is a card of having the potential to make things happen, the key to taking control and having all the tools to hand to create magic. So it’s time to start gathering resources and support, power is on your side, take advantage of the stars and planets lining up for you to achieve your destiny. (This is also George’s card in the pre-season reading, so keep an eye on him)



Justice is the flavour in the paddock this weekend and everyone is going to get what they deserve, good or bad. Someone who has felt aggrieved at someone costing them a place or a win will have the balance restored to them whereas the perpetrator will get what they deserve too. A victory this weekend will give you the self confidence to go forward, a feeling that all is now right with the world and this feeling will help you start to build support and resources to help you go forward into the future. I believe this is a turning point for a number of people this weekend.


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