If you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled upon the deepest, darkest recesses of the Internet… the “About Us” page of TheJudge13. 

But before you press ‘x’ to close; maybe don’t look away just yet…

As Christine Daaé caught a glance of Erik when the mask was lifted – the Phantom of the Opera – she gazed upon him with pitying eyes and but did not look away. By following her example, you too will see here a glimpse of the intention behind the TheJudge13 and his community.

TJ13 may at first revolt you, but if you choose not to avert your eyes, we promise that you will come to love the music of the night… or at least enjoy our humorous and no holds barred take upon our beloved sport; a sport we believe is worthy of being enjoyed as would an ancient Greek tragedy theatre performance.

This short journey will not only enlighten you about TheJudge13’s “underground” community – a community that holds Formula One to a higher standard than you’ll find anywhere else – but it will also reveal how you can get closer to the sport that often seems distant and disconnected from the everyday fan. 

To that end, if the musings of François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire) are to be believed, that “illusion is the first of all pleasures”, then Formula One surely must be the first pleasure of all modern sports; and hopefully you too will find much pleasure within the various platforms provided by TheJudge13 – be it Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram our Website.

And so turning to the Judge himself – creator and Grand Master of TheJudge13. He who goes without name, nor any earthly label, has begun harnessing the power of the Internet since 2012, utilising his, or her, contacts in Formula One that’ve been built over 25 years, The Judge reveals what often isn’t able to said by the established, hyper-accountable and choreographed Formula One media.

From the woes of Caterham and it’s Romanian CEO-Janitor, to the transfer of Kimi Raikkonen to Ferrari… From the shenanigans of the FiA and the former doctor of Formula One, Dr. Hartstein, to the farce that was Jules Bianchi’s accident investigation… From many insider reveals including Red Bull’s new purple paintwork in 2013 to their 63 nose-cone failings pre-launch. Many a scoop has been delivered and many an absurdity exposed, analysed and treated as the exquisite cataclysm that the theatre of Formula One provides. Most importantly, many of the musings here, the established media are unable to utter.

TheJudge13 does not feel it necessary to placate or patronise anyone or thing in the world of Formula One. This affords TheJudge13 community, the greatest of all gifts in Formula One history… an opportunity to peer behind the curtain and watch the illusion created along with the more obvious and wonderful aspects of our sport; the aspects we all fell in love with long ago.

TheJudge13 operates as do many of the world’s legal systems, which is to say that allegations and representations made to a judicial court are treated with the utmost scepticism – the accused being innocent until proven guilty. So here all pronunciations from those in positions of power and F1 privilege are viewed similarly as they are often constant threads through the narrative of the sports politics and governance.

Ultimately, it’s our view that in the same way that George Lucas’ Star Wars isn’t mostly about space, per se’, so to Formula One isn’t mostly about motor racing.

With that in mind – combined with the understanding that Formula One is to be consumed in the vein of farce, tragedy and humour – TheJudge13 is committed to writing in a way that’s more aligned to ‘Op-Ed’ style pieces rather than ‘balanced journalism’.

Lastly, TheJudge13 project is by the fans for the fans, so put up your hand and get involved. If you’re interested in Formula One, and are still able to gaze upon us without turning away, and if you’re interested less in the choreographed, scripted handouts from the established media, then this community is for you.

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  1. Brilliant idea, your blog is a refreshing insight to what a dedicated F1 enthusiast finds priceless…the areas the camera misses, being the eyes and ears of the truth or a different type of version that does not serve what the media would like us to belie as the norm. Thank you

    • Thank you – I need to update this page as thejudge13 is also a social media project for the next 12 months, aimed to demonstrate the power of social media connectivity. If you visit various sites/forums regularly – post some links to thejudge13 articles you enjoyed and be be part of that project.

  2. Great site, found you via the BBC site. You stood out as a bastion of sanity in a sea of idiots. Do you have any issue with us reblogging any of your posts out of interest? Obviously this way you are still the credited author, and your work is repeated in its entireity, but it is a good way of sharing some of your articles.

    • Thank you Adam. Please re-blogg. Retweet my tweets advertising new publications – most people think retweets are just to their followers but in fact they get you better and longer ranked in any # twitter domain you are in – more eyeballs. Post links on other sites and forums too. Whilst thejudge13 is a here and now expression of others and my passion for F1, it is also a social media project. I am under the rules of the project not allowed to say this in an article – but there is a lot riding on us being able to prove in 12 months we can get 1,000,000 participants. It could then change the face of social media in F1 if we deliver this – can’t say any more. We are all part of this project and the challenge is there. But most of all glad you’re enjoying it.

  3. I’m a web developer who loves F1. Can I help with your software issue mentioned in todays post? If you want to give me a shout (I assume you can see my e-mail address) we can discuss things – I certainly would be happy to help you have software to grow the site both before and after you get investment.

  4. Where’s everyone been the past 2.5 years? I just discovered this site via a comment on another blog that included this name and web address. The writing looks solid and the thinking balanced. What more do we need when talking about a sport like Formula1? (that drives you totally crazy)

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