Verstappen: Red Bull better than Ferrari

Max Verstappen thinks Red Bull is better than Ferrari despite his team being 52 points behind the Italians.

“We have the right people in the right places,” Verstappen says. “Everything here is simply better organised, especially in stressful moments.” declares Verstappen when asked about the differences between the teams.


In fairness to Verstappen, the Dutchman is correct to a degree. Red Bull has had a very stable management and team structure for some time now, whereas Ferrari have frankly been a shambles with heads rolling and swathes of personel coming and going.

It’s also fair to say that in the recent past Ferrari has been shown time and again a penchant to make mistakes under pressure – the nasty qualifying at Suzuka 2018 is a good example of this. The team made a huge error in Q3, putting wets on for a drying track expecting more rain that didn’t arrive. The rest of the group opting for slicks and set their quickest times. For the second round of qualifying attempts, Vettel on slicks was caught out when the rain actually came down resulting in P9 for the German.

However, Verstappen does not go so far as to say that Red Bull is generally stronger yet:

“But we’re always there,” he stresses and says, “If we were stronger I’d always be two or three tenths of a second faster. But that’s not the case right now.”

Especially on the straights Ferrari is much stronger and therefore difficult to pass: “It’s not easy to get past them,” he says. “But at least I can fight with them, so that’s fine.”

Red Bull has already won one race this season. Ferrari hasn’t been able to do that so far.



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