Verstappen: More criticism at Red Bull – Is his time up?

24/06/2017 Verstappen: More criticism at Red Bull – Is his time up? and other summarised F1 news from across the internet If you are on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network – please press the share buttons. Make plenty of comments below.

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Red Bull “A bit lost in direction” before Newey return

It might be coincidence, but this years (albeit slow) return to form, often punching above their weight on power alone in the last few Grand Prix’s seems to indicate a return of the “Newey Effect”. It has been reported before Newey’s (Chief Technical Officer) full time return the F1 project was managed by a committee and lacked a certain direction.

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Ex Renault boss Frederic Vasseur to head Sauber F1

If paddock rumours are correct we expect to see official statements from Sauber in the coming hours or days following the Azerbaijan Grand Prix announcing he is to head up the Sauber F1 team.

Some say the ex Renault F1 boss fell on his own sword in light of the under performing engine used by the Red Bull cars over the last few years that suffered with similar technological issues currently facing McLaren and the ill fated power unit.

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