“Only penalty that works is sacking” | Guenther Steiner still not spoken to ‘them’ about it

Guenther Steiner speaking yesterday with Danish TV about the on-track disappointment in Silverstone where Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen ended each other’s races.

The Haas F1 team boss reveals he still hasn’t properly spoken to them about it, admits that he implemented a “proper rule” after Barcelona but that the rule “went out of the window” in UK.

When asked how to try and stop this happening again, and if there could be any sanctions or penalties handed to the drivers, the Haas boss admits that the only thing you can really do is sack them. It seems then that the rumour could’ve been true after the race in the UK at Silverstone? 

A source close to the team claimed that Gunther Steiner was so angry after the crash, he was of the mindset to rid himself of a driver immediately.

“What i’m hearing is that after the British GP, Steiner was furious at the drivers, blew up at them (for obvious reasons) and phoned Gene Haas for permission to fire a driver. Word in the paddock is that they are looking at Ocon to replace Grosjean. If possible, by the next Grand Prix.” claims the source.

After watching Steiners’ angry rages on the Netflix documentary ‘Drive to survive’, one can imagine this happening! The full interview is below:



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