Blaming outside forces for their failure

For the 2022 Formula 1 season, TJ13 turns toward its resident F1 fan and practitioner of Tarot cards for her thoughts on the up and coming Formula One season ahead. Who is your favourite driver, and will they have a good season? Answers could be explained below ahead of this weekends Grand Prix at Imola.




About @reefgirl3 – A Tarot reading knitter, with a love of cooking and loud music. I love my garden, my daughter and my partner, I love science fiction especially Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon 5. I’m a big fan of F1, Wintersports and Cycling. In other words I’m an all round geek.



Imola GP 2022 Tarot Reading


What can we expect to see in the Imola Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – King of Swords

What to look out for – The Emperor

Outcome – Eight of Swords

All the cards have people with swords on them, two are brandishing them, one is trapped. Suggesting, someone is ready for a fight and someone else is feeling trapped.


Mood for the Weekend: King of Swords

On the card, The Night King stands in the Fist of the First Men brandishing a scimitar.

The suit of swords represents the element of air which in turn shows us logic, communication and challenges.

This is a card of logic, intelligence, assertiveness and authority.

A mature mind and calm, analytical intellect will do well this weekend, it is not a time for emotional outbursts. Precise communication, ethical behaviour and professionalism is the key to success this weekend.


What to look out for: The Emperor

On the card, Jon Snow Brandishes his sword Longclaw against a grey, cloudy background.

This a Major Arcana card, it shows that the meaning of the card will have significance, now and in the future.

This card says it’s time to think logically and rationally about your situation, you need rules and structure to guide you this weekend.

This card is also saying there is a need for stability and order, chaos is something that bothers you immensely and you’ll do anything to avoid it. This card is very similar to the previous one so, there is a big need for logic and stability this weekend to do what needs to be done and not let emotions get in the way.


Outcome: Eight of Swords

On the card, Brienne of Tarth sits beneath a tree, she is surrounded by eight swords that look like they are imprisoning her.

This is a card of the feeling of being trapped and limited.

Someone is thinking there is no way out of this situation that they find themselves in, weakened by circumstances or by worrying about other people’s opinions of you, these limitations are usually self-imposed, you’re being imprisoned by your own victim mentality. You need courage to break out of this feeling of being trapped, do you enjoy telling the world there’s nothing you can do to get out of the situation you’re in?, do you revel in the sympathy your plight generates? Is it just easier to complain that actually get up and do something to change this situation (I wonder who this is, answers on a postcard please) This person needs to get off their arse, stop feeling sorry for themselves and get back in the fight, this is make or break time, if they don’t break out of this victim mentality, they never will after this weekend, all is lost.



Two different situations for two different people, someone is going to have to think carefully, make some very precise plans and call on all their courage and steely determination to win this weekend and not let their emotions overwhelm them (Charles? Carlos?).

At the other end of the scale, when things don’t go to plan, someone will sink into a victim mentality and blame outside forces for their failure (Lewis? Max?) They need to break out of the feeling of being trapped in a mire of failing machinery and actually call on their driving skills to get the results they need; it must be done this weekend or they’ll never break down the walls of their own making they’ve built up.



4 responses to “Blaming outside forces for their failure

  1. Not sure if it all works as predicted here but what we certainly did see is the famous skills of sir Lewis Hamilton when not armed with the dominant car. Hardly managed to reach Q2 (0,006 seconds before Tsunoda). No chance to reach Q3 and slower than his teammate with the same material…. Again.

    The ‘best car’ argument still holds…

  2. I’m not sure someone in your psychological state is qualified to comment here Duckey. You have your head rammed so far up Max’s arse you wouldn’t know what is going on right now. Yes, MB have problems any idiot can see that also Lewis is far from himself, I still think he is suffering from Max being handed a title on a plate that was rightly Lewis’s. That sort of loss is like a bereavement and if you could remove yourself from Max’s arse for five minutes you would know that psychologically Lewis is struggling. There was a body of thought before the start of the season that although Lewis said he was fine he really was not. Can you try with your meagre IQ to grasp the concept of a record breaking eight championship that he fully deserved and was home with one lap to go only having it yanked out of his grasp by the ludicrous Masi and handing it to Max who was already well beaten. That sort of trauma leaves a scar and I think it is affecting Lewis who even with a crap car would be doing better than he is right now.
    This ludicrous best car comment which is always trotted out by Lewis haters, is absolute bollocks and shows the people that make it know nothing about racing, they are just hateful armchair racers, that’s you Duckey except with a straight jacket. All the best drivers get all the best cars which in racing terms is a fraction of a second distance per lap, it’s the driver that has to bring the car home and as Lewis team mate Bottas is a great driver and yet never stood a chance of getting a title because Lewis is that good and Bottas would be the first to say so. I know it goes against the Lewis haters playbook but even the top F1 drivers including Sir Jackie Stewart say Lewis is the GOAT so a small minded moron pedalling crap from his basement whilst working stacking shelves during the day isn’t going to carry much weight. So do us all a favour Duckey and just keep taking the tablets and keep your idiotic notions to yourself.

    • Lots of words again to say that when LH wins it’s LH skill, if he looses it’s always some external factor. Bottom line is that LH behaves like a spoiled child that does not get his way. The car is bad so he complains, sulks and even refused to finish q2. All drivers have or have had lesser cars. They all made the best of it and kept fighting. Looks like LH has lost that skill in 7 years of freewheeling and admiration.

      • Oh Duckey, your blind hatred of Hamilton really shows you what a sad idiot you are and so easy to mock! You just described Max to an absolute tee 😂 Tell me Duckey, who stormed off the podium in a petulant sulk after being caught lying his arse off in Jeddah? Who swore and slagged his own team off over the air in race one this season? Who parked his car on top of LH in Monza and then stomped off? Who refused to hand his place back in Jeddah and brake tested Hamilton? Who won biggest whinger in F1 2021 and nominated by his own team? Can you only imagine Max’s response if he was robbed like Lewis in Abu Dhabi? Lewis was stoic and gracious but Max would have thrown a massive wobbly and then held his breath until they re-ran the race.
        Your blind hatred makes your judgement so skewed that you cannot see what a massive spoilt brat Max is and that Lewis like every other driver just complains when he is unhappy, all drivers do it as it a high pressure sport but what they don’t do is what SuperBrat does.
        Lastly, yes MB have massive problems but if Lewis is unhappy he shouts behind closed doors like a civilised person and not yell out in public as Max likes to do. Also, as I’ve said repeatedly Lewis is way below par and in a crap car, would you seriously with all your bias and hatred think Max would do any better?

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