Vettel responds to McLaren story

Four-time world Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel has said that reports that he is a candidate for a McLaren seat in the near future are “rumours”, confirming little but not exactly denying the story either.

Sebastian Vettel is coming to the end of his contract with Aston Martin this year after joining the British manufacturer’s team in 2021 and the German has not yet indicated what his plans are for next year. Aston Martin have made it clear that they want to continue with their star driver next season, but recent rumours have suggested that Vettel is now in the running to replace Australian Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren, despite the latter having a contract until the end of the 2023 campaign.


Sebastian Vettel denied the rumour that he was close to signing with McLaren when asked about the deal at Le Castellet, where the French Grand Prix is being held this weekend:

“I think Lando [Norris] has a contract,” Vettel said with a big smile as Norris stood next to him at the press conference.

“No, honestly, I know people there [at McLaren], but I think it’s just rumours.”

Asked if discussions about his future at Aston Martin have already begun, the German said, “Well, I’m racing this weekend and the next. So, obviously, at some point we will start talking and I’m already talking with the team. I think there is a clear intention to continue and we will see where we are soon.”


It is not the first time Vettel has been linked to McLaren. Two years ago, Vettel was known to be in talks with Mclaren when his time at Ferrari was coming to a close.

“Seidl knows Vettel well, they knew each other back in the days of BMW Sauber. If Sebastian owes it to someone, he will certainly think of Andreas. And that would be a fantastic PR opportunity for McLaren-Mercedes,” revealed a source close to the British team.



4 responses to “Vettel responds to McLaren story

  1. So what team will Vettel end up at that he can win a race or at least make it to the podium? Talk about about a driver that has lost his way. The days of Red Bull must keep him up at night!

    • so true, Vettel needs to retire and leave room for a young gun to enter the sport…same with Hamilton.

  2. Ricciardo isn’t going anywhere & Seb will continue in his current team with 99% certainty.
    These baseless rumors are already getting old.

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