F1 Penalty points race ban looming for Verstappen

Since 2014, Formula One has attempted to dissuade drivers from repeated indiscretions particularly that interfere with others ability to race. If a driver receives 12 penalty points in a rolling 12 month period, he will be banned for an entire GP weekend. As yet no driver has received such a ban, though the current world champion Max Verstappen is most at risk of receiving one just half way through the 2022 season.

Max Verstappen currently has 7 penalty points 2 of which were received following his collision with Lewis Hamilton in Monza last year when the driver’s came together in there middle of the opening chicane. Neither driver was able to continue and Max was deemed at fault. 

Daniel Ricciardo went on to win the race, the first for McLaren since 2012 and his eight F1 victory. During the race McLaren ordered Ricciardo’s team mate not to race the Australian and the British driver ultimately came home fourth.

Verstappen’s other misdemeanours included two points for ignoring double waved yellow flags in Quatar and a further three for two incidents involving Hamilton again during the inaugural Saudi Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver will have a clean slate so long as he receives non further penalties this season, however the upcoming races in Paul Ricard and Hungary will see his rivalry with Mercedes Lewis Hamilton re-ignited. 


Two misdemeanours could see Verstappen be the first driver banned under the new points totting up system.

Pierre Gasly also has 7 penalty points, though two expire in September as they relate to a collision with Fernando Alonso last year.

Also on 7 points is Lance Stroll who has suffered this season at the hands of his senior team mate Sebastian Vettel. The son of there Aston Martin team owner has scored a mere 3 points this season and in any other team would be a driver at risk of losing his seat.


Fernando Alonso has been raging against numerous decisions by the FIA this season. His penalty point count is 6 with two of his points awarded for a collision with Mick Schumacher last year.

Miami was not a happy weekend for the Spanish world champion as he was awarded 2 points for colliding with Pierre Gasly and another for cutting a corner and gaining an advantage.

Alonso’s final point was issued for weaving whilst defending against Valterri Bottas during the 2022 Canadian GP.

Alex Albon returned to F1 this year with Williams and has racked up 6 points already on his F1 super license. The first 2 were for causing a collision in Suadi with Lance stroll, 1 for exceeding track limits in Barcelona, another in Monaco for who knows why and last time out in Austria two for forcing Lando Norris of the track at the Red Bull Ring.


Yuki Tsunoda also has 6 points his first two were awarded last year in Brazil after he caused a collision with Lance Stroll. In the same season he collided with Sebastian Vettel in Saudi Arabia picking up another two points and having spun his team mate Pierre Gasly at Silverstone received a further two.

Alpine’s Esteban Ocon is next on the list. He also picked up a penalty at the 2021 Italian GP for running into Sebastian Vettel. His other misdemeanours were this year hitting Schumacher in Bahrain and blocking Lewis Hamilton in Monaco.

One of Ocon’s points will expire in September for colliding with Vettel at Monza.

Ex-Mercedes driver Valterri Bottas has been enjoying a fairly clean season with his new Alfa Romeo team. He has just three points and two of them will fall away after the summer break.

Despite his poor form, Daniel Ricciardo has not been in the wars for almost a year. He has a couple of points for impeding another driver in Bahrain and for gaining a ‘lasting advantage’ in Miami when leaving the circuit.


Kmag and Zhou have just two points. Magnussen was penalised again in Miami for colliding with Lance Stroll. The Chinese Alpha Tour driver received his allocation of points last time out in Austria for track limits violations.

Sergio Perez, Norris, Latifi and Vettel have little to worry about as they sit on just one point each.

Top of the “clean driving class” are Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Mick Schumacher, George Russell and Charles Leclerc.

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5 responses to “F1 Penalty points race ban looming for Verstappen

  1. If the FIA KEEP saying they are going to ban Hamilton for jewellery and don’t how can they stay this.?

    • Seems this is about penalty points yet you mention Lewis for jewellery. Why? If you knew anything,you would know that he removed his nose stud for Silverstone and is speaking to the president regarding this. These are things that F1 fans regardless if they support a driver or team or just a neutral would know.

  2. So basically if they do ANYTHING other that stay on the racing line they’ll pretty much get a penalty point. Once again fix 1 thing then kill the rest, this sport is fast becoming a joke now, just let the drivers race without worrying every single maneuver will get them points #F1 FAIL

  3. Lewis with a clean pic nice yet I hear many say he is a dirty driver. Seems to me and any other F1 real fan that he isn’t a dirty driver. Yet they also say Max is never at fault and he is winning that league. Weird how certain fans agree with the rules when it’s for their man, bit disagree if it’s against their man point ways.

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