Wolff on Hamilton “it’s my fault”

Mercedes still believes in a Formula 1 world title for Hamilton. Already a seven-time F1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton was dreaming of an eighth title in 2021. But the British driver came up against Max Verstappen. This season, he cannot fight for Grand Prix victories because his car is far from being the best. This is a problem that Mercedes wants to solve as soon as possible in order to offer Lewis Hamilton this 8th F1 crown.

Today, Lewis Hamilton is tied with Michael Schumacher with 7 world championship titles. However, the British driver could have taken the lead in 2021. But in the end, Max Verstappen won last season on the last lap of the last Grand Prix of the season in Abu Dhabi. A terrible setback for the Mercedes driver, who is now looking to bounce back, still dreaming of that 8th title. However, this will not happen in 2022 as his car is far behind the Ferraris and Red Bulls. But Mercedes is trying to remedy this so that Lewis Hamilton can forget the failure of 2021.


“We need to produce a car that puts him in a position to go for that eighth title” demands Wolff.

Mercedes still want to give Lewis Hamilton that eighth world championship title as team boss Toto Wolff explains:

“I think Lewis should have had an eighth world title last year, everyone knows that, but now we have to produce a car that puts him in a position to aim for that eighth title and that is basically my responsibility. But it’s good because I’m in control of this situation.”



An eighth title that Lewis Hamilton was planning to win in the 2022 season. But the Briton was quickly disillusioned when he saw that his Mercedes was not up to the task of competing with Red Bull and Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton has been criticised for his lack of success against Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, but Toto Wolff was keen to defend his protégé.

“He was eager to erase this cursed race but we are not at the level. I have to protect him, because people have started to criticise him, which is not fair. It’s completely absurd: he’s the greatest driver of all time,

“The car is just below par. George has struggled a bit less at times because he may be used to driving difficult cars at the back of the grid, but Lewis has been unlucky on many occasions. He could have scored two more podiums in the first half of the season and then the pendulum would have swung in his direction,

“Everyone understands that it is the car that is not working, not the driver who is at fault,” explained the Mercedes boss.


The fact remains that lately things have been going somewhat better for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. What if the British driver could find success again at the French Grand Prix this weekend? Many people believe that the seven-time world champion will return to the Formula One sharp end. On the Castellet circuit, Hamilton could have a great opportunity to return to the forefront and climb onto the top step of the podium after crossing the finish line. Time for Hamilton to prove his detractors wrong perhaps.



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  2. Keep dreaming Mr Wolf. Just proved that the cars were too good for Hamilton. And not him as a great driver

  3. You know, I used to think that the writings of the “Judge” were just bad, purely because they were bad. Now that he has kindly (possible for the first time, prepared to be corrected however) included a link to the source article however, it is apparent that the above article is actually just a copy and paste of someone else’s work, with (only a few, so many more possible) grammatical changes, with no effort to even TRY and pass it off as his own…..

  4. I have begun to feel sorry for the deluded Wolf, defending his Hyena. They both are dislliked so much not just by the fans of Max, Charles, Alonso et al. but by the general, unattached F1 fans because of the combination of every possible horrid quality they bring together to F1.
    Wolf can lament all he wants, but for the evil deeds of Hamilton in 2021 and overlooked by the Mercedes Masi, Ham would have lost much earlier. Max was absolutely the worthy winner without any semblance of doubt. The forces of the universe watch over the good deeds and bad and hands out retribution as we saw in 2021. But it is not done yet. There is more coming. Watch out.

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