Updated: McLaren insiders say they want Vettel

Unable to reach an agreement to extend their association, Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel have consequently decided to separate. The 2020 season will be the German driver’s last at the wheel of the Scuderia.

Arriving in 2015 with four-time World Champion status, Sebastian Vettel had the heavy task of relaunching Ferrari, which had been deprived of the title since 2007 and the crowning of Kimi Räikkönen. And what Fernando Alonso nearly achieved, the German never got close to it.

With 14 victories in five years, Sebastian Vettel could only witness the supremacy of Mercedes before being challenged by Charles Leclerc in the Scuderia itself.


In recent weeks, the former Red Bull driver was regularly reported in discussions for an extension of his contract, which expires at the end of the current season.

The only problem is that the health crisis has had a major impact on the finances of the Italian manufacturer, which has offered Sebastian Vettel the opportunity to reduce his salary from €40m to €12m per year, which is as much as Charles Leclerc. And obviously, the German has made a decision.


Ferrari have made the break-up with Sebastian Vettel official. In a press release, the Italian team announced that “Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel have decided not to extend their contract. ”

As a result, the four-time world champion will be competing in his sixth and final season at the wheel of a Ferrari and will have to find a new car for 2021. To replace Sebastian Vettel, the dream name is Lewis Hamilton, but the most serious tracks lead to Carlos Sainz (McLaren) and Daniel Ricciardo (Renault).

However, the four-time World Champion will have to dig his heels in to bounce back. A return to Red Bull seems impossible given the dimension taken by Max Verstappen, while at Mercedes, everything will depend on the choice of Lewis Hamilton.


McLaren want Vettel

TJ13 has published a few articles on this possibility since December 2019, but more and more rumour is ramping up the chances of such a move.

With fewer races available to prove worth, and team decisions about 2021 driver lineups compressed toward the end of the year, it is understood that Vettel moved before being pushed as he didn’t accept the pay cut or the single, then two year deals from Ferrari.


Several teams could be in place to pick up Sebastian Vettel but one is most likely. This will not be the case for Renault, as Cyril Abiteboul explained recently, while Christian Horner also assured that the German driver belongs to Red Bull’s past, and Max is their future.

On the other hand, McLaren, which will be powered by Mercedes from 2021, could represent a great opportunity.

“Seidl knows Vettel well, they knew each other back in the days of BMW Sauber. If Sebastian owes it to someone, he will certainly think of Andreas. And that would be a fantastic PR opportunity for McLaren-Mercedes,” reveals a source close to the British team.

A major boost for Sebastian Vettel, who would therefore be reunited with Andreas Seidl, and which makes sense since the contracts of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, the two current McLaren drivers, come to an end at the end of the season.




FIA official confirmation: Austria & Silverstone races go ahead

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Leaked memo: Thus far the FIA memo has been sent to FIA F2 and F3 teams, therefore it is expected that Formula 1 teams have also been given the…… READ MORE ON THIS BREAKING STORY









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