Vettel at McLaren, Aston Martin responds

After triggering a controversy following his hasty departure from the drivers’ briefing at the Austrian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel is making news about his future in F1. The four-time world champion has been rumoured to be heading to McLaren. But despite his lacklustre results, the German driver could prolong his adventure in the paddock with his current team, Aston Martin Racing, according to the team boss.

The news of Sebastian Vettel was recently marked by his behaviour during the drivers’ briefing organised by the FIA before the start of the Austrian Grand Prix. Indeed, the Aston Martin driver slammed the door before anyone else in this meeting. When asked about the matter, the main interested party did not wish to elaborate: “Ask the FIA,” retorted the German.

Following the incident, the FIA decided to impose a suspended fine of €25,000. The driver apologised to race director Niels Wittich. Several drivers came to Vettel’s rescue, including his protégé Mick Schumacher, who said that his compatriot’s anger was fuelled by a redundant debate.

“I felt we were going in circles with some of the topics that were discussed, it was longer than it needed to be,” said the Haas driver.

Australian Daniel Ricciardo also spoke on the subject, saying that the drivers’ race weekend was very busy. I think that sometimes if you procrastinate and it drags on and you don’t have a definitive answer, some people say, ‘I’ve got to go,'” he said: “I have to go,” he explained.


The German driver has had a very complicated season with Aston Martin. Sebastian Vettel is 14th in the drivers’ standings. His team is not doing very well either, as predicted by this website back in January, second to last in the constructors’ standings. Is this enough to call into question the future of the four-time world champion? The BBC reports that McLaren is exploring the possibility of Sebastian Vettel to replace Daniel Ricciardo, who has been struggling this season. The former Scuderia driver could take on this new challenge and take Ricciardo’s seat. But the Aston Martin boss does not think so.


According to Marca, Vettel, 35, is not planning to retire at the end of the season. Furthermore, Mike Krack, Aston Martin team boss, wants to renew the German’s lease. According to the F1 media, Krack considers it “senseless” not to offer Vettel a new contract. He also believes that all the work Vettel has done would be wasted if he left.

“Furthermore, maybe the investment he has made now over two years, maybe he should also be able to get something out of it and not give it to someone else later on,” Krack laments.

The team boss is already looking ahead and says it will soon be time to look at the car of 2023. After a complicated weekend in Austria, where he twice ended up in the gravel trap, Sebastian Vettel has the full support and confidence of his employer. Vettel would not be against a contract extension and his team should send him an offer soon.



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