Why Hamilton sacked his trainer/physio

One of the surprise stories of the recent F1 weekend in Saudi Arabia was the split between Lewis Hamilton and his personal trainer and physio Angela Cullen.

The former New Zealand national team hockey player Cullen has worked as Hamilton’s dedicated performance coach since 2016. However on Friday both Cullen and the seven-time world champion took to social mediate announce they were parting company.



Hamilton split with physio sudden

Whilst neither explained the reasons for the breakup of a popular and successful partnership the fact this was unplanned did not go unnoticed here at TJ13.

A planned exit agreed by both parties would naturally  take place at the end of a season, yet Cullen had attended Lewis at both pre-season testing and the Bahrain GP.

Toto Wolff was questioned as to the reason for the split and how it may affect Lewis, but the Mercedes boss gave a coded response before changing the subject to Lewis Hamilton’s contract.



Wolff admits Hamilton dismissed Cullen

Toto claimed the split was part of an “honest” appraisal by Hamilton and unasked revealed Mercedes would support “whatever decision he wants to take”.

The Austrian said: “Angela was part of the gang for a long time.

“I think in every team, whether that is his close circle, or also in the wider group, this is not a static situation that you can freeze, because we all develop as people.

“We develop as an organisation and, if things don’t work out anymore, then we need to be honest about it and then bring change.


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Hamilton’s mental state questioned

So clearly things were not working out between Lewis and Cullen and the British driver decided enough was enough.

“Angela will always be a mascot of the team. She’s the only one who has a louder voice than a starting car!” Continued Wolff.

“But, if this is what [Hamilton] decides, we will always absolutely support him, whatever direction he wants to take.”

Paddock rumours exist suggesting Hamilton is not in a great place mentally given the long haul ahead of his Mercedes team to deliver a car in which he can win races.



Below the belt dig at George Russell

Further, Lewis has complained his physical and mental regime is not at the level required to ensure he can compete with his team mate who once again this weekend out qualified Hamilton and out performed him in the race.

Hamilton aimed a sly dig at Russell following the race in Jeddah claiming his junior team mate’s setup decisions are usually wrong.

“We work on that,” said Lewis. 

“There was like a 50-50 choice. I chose one way and he chose another,” Hamilton said when asked about how much say they have on set up.

“More often than not, the way [Russell] went is the wrong one. But it just happened to work [this weekend]. 



Hamilton suggestion does not stack up

So I could only match his pace than be quicker this weekend. But I’ll work hard to make sure we are in a better place next time.”

Given Lewis was beaten easily by Russell in their first year as team mates, his claims about Russell’s setup decisions hardly stack up.

Whether Lewis is about to go into another famous Hamilton meltdown we shall see as the F1 circus resumes in Australia in les than 2 weeks time.

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6 responses to “Why Hamilton sacked his trainer/physio

  1. One.
    Again the same Hamilton bs about ‘working hard’. He admitted he was dissapointed when he saw the car for the first time on the Bahrain testing days. So clearly he never showed his face in the factory to see how things were develooing during the winter.
    Working hard in SLH-words means that óther people must work hard. Not he.

    Rumor, I admit but gaining traction… Cullen and Ham were in a love relation that went sour…

  2. I was never one to believe earlier in Karma. But now, Hamilton proves its existence in spades. What happens to Hamilton also affects Wolff. The blatant cheating with spicy engines, the fiendishness at Silverstone, manipulating FIA and other skullduggery were all observed by the supreme power and they were taught a lesson at Abu Dhabi in the most telling manner.
    But arrogant people do not learn their lessons so easily. They continue to perpetrate the same sins and we the real F1 fans who have been cheated by them for years will see the stars of the two go down, down, down, till it ends in absolute humiliation.
    It is best that Hamilton retires now, surrenders his undeserved knighthood and saves his dignity. He will then be remembered by posterity, despite his hollow titles, all seven of them!

      • “Hindu Boy” ? Really ? Perhaps you’ve already sucked it ? And they’ll probably all seem big to compared to your likely pencil dick. Grow up or you’ll find out what karma really is loser.

  3. I have been an avid F1 fan all my life a d ha e travelled thousands of miles over the world to attend over 20 G p .I am devastated that this year which would be the 50th. A Aniversary of my end my best Friend Robert’s first Itallyian Grand Prixat Mpnza I cant believe that we can not get tickets for a grandstand I am just recovering from a Stroke on 6 Decenberbut I will not give up and will look on line every day as I have for the past 6 months and hope that some come available soon enough . 6 of us have bought our flights for the weekend and we have rented an apartment in Milando that we can attend Monza every day this was to be our 8th trip to Monza a d the last time Robert a d I were very fortunate to spend the Saturday in the marvelous and unforgettable hospitality of the Force India teamoncluding Sergio Perez and Estsban Ocon .what an honour that day was .It seems that F1 is being lost by the Fansas it is all money a d Politics now .

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