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If you’re a reader of this website and perhaps enjoy contributing in the comments section, debating who’s right and who’s a purveyor of tinfoil headgear, I urge you to join the TJ13 Formula 1 league today before the first race of the 2023 season and challenge the Judge 13 himself?

For this Formula 1 season, we will be using the free-to-use official F1 fantasy league. Signup and join our TJ13 league by clicking here, or using the league code: C2QYSOWDP05



Once signed up, simply follow the link above and ‘join’ the TJ13 league, and don’t forget to go create your team using the prescribed budget cap.

We will post regularly the league standings after each race weekend.

Good luck!




UPDATE 3rd March 2023 – TJ13 F1 Manager league still active

Many thanks to ‘Rubinho’s Keyfob’ recent comment below this evening. Last years TJ13 league using another free-to-use game called has reset and is ready to run for 2023. So any who feel free to use this game as either an alternative or in addition to the official F1 game above, please feel free to do so. We will post the results for both games.


Follow this link to join TJ13 League

Once signed up, simply follow the link above and ‘join’ the TJ13 league, and don’t forget to go create your team using the 100,000,000 Euro budget.

As the season progresses, depending on results your budget increases to allow you to alter your team and drivers making each decision before a Grand Prix critical.

Don’t forget to predict the pole lap time too (N/A for Sprint weekends!)

Kind regards,

The Judge 13



6 responses to “Join the TJ13 F1 Fantasy league

  1. It looks like the site has _just_ been updated for 2023! My account is still valid and is connected with the still-present TJ13 league which has been reset, so it looks like I’m going to be doing both this season.

    To be honest, they are very different propositions by the look of it. is resource-limited where good results brings in cash that can be used to upgrade your initial roster of two drivers, one engine team and one chassis team from the back-of-field through the mid-field towards the front runners over the course of the season.

    The one gives you enough to grab top teams and drivers right from the start and has things like negative points, overtake points for Sprint races and “Chips” to spend. It’s not clear to me how you evolve your roster of 2 teams and 5 drivers through the season yet as the “cost cap” appears to be the same for everyone. I guess I’ll find out.

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