Russell confirms Whatsapp rumours

The relationship between Formula 1 drivers is sometimes considered difficult. Nevertheless, during the season, the 20 drivers often look for a common exchange – even away from the race track. This happens within a Whatsapp group, in which things obviously get heated at times.

Mercedes driver George Russell already revealed last year that there is a Whatsapp group in which the 20 pinnacle drivers exchange ideas from time to time. In the meantime, it is also known what exactly goes on in the chat.


“It’s not like we’re posting banter every day, but there are occasions, for example when something has happened on the track, where people suddenly post memes or whatever and the whole thing gets a bit out of hand,” Russell hinted in the podcast “The Fast and The Curious” that the drivers like to tease each other in the internal chat when there’s an occasion.



Rumour confirmed

There has been a rumour surrounding what the picture adorning the Whatsapp group shows. It confirmed that the Formula 1 stars are always up for a bit of fun. It is not a racing car, a track or any other neutral motif, but a picture of the legendary Formula 1 driver James Hunt, who was considered an absolute hell-raiser in his time and caused as much commotion off the track as on it.

Pretty much every driver is said to be regularly active in the group. Russell is considered the “head” of the chat by the other racers.


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How rigorously the Mercedes driver fulfils his job as administrator was shown last year when Russell immediately removed the Russian Nikita Mazepin from the Whatsapp group on the day of his dismissal from the Haas team.

Before that, the chronically unsuccessful driver had regularly made scandal headlines regarding unsavoury social media postings.

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