Haas rumour: Supplying parts to Russia for weapons

“No parts delivered since March 2022” states Haas as it defends itself against explosive Russia rumours: The Formula One racing team Haas and the Haas Automation group have strongly denied claims that they have been supplying important and valuable parts to Russia that are being used in weapons manufacture, even after the Russian attack on Ukraine began, indirectly violating sanctions.

“This story is simply false,” Haas said in a statement published on its own homepage on Thursday night.



Haas equipment sent to Russia arms industry?

The PBS article states in a transcript that: “NewsHour” has learned RATEP (a Russian weapons manufacturer) is just one of several sanctioned enterprises in the Russian arms industry that have been supplied with precision machining tools manufactured here at Haas’ facility in Oxnard, California, in what may represent a breach of American sanctions. …according to documents filed with the U.S. Treasury and the Department of Commerce late last month.”

And that: “Denys Hutyk, Economic Security Council of Ukraine” says that “We were surprised that, even now, one year after the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Haas Automation is continuing its direct shipments to Russia.”



Haas denies allegation

“On Tuesday, PBS published a story claiming that Haas Automation had shipped machinery and parts to Russia in violation of US export control and sanctions regulations. This story is simply false,” Haas said in a statement published on its own homepage on Thursday night.

The story of the US broadcaster is not only false in its core, but also contains many individual allegations that do not correspond to the truth, it continues.

“Haas affirmed that it had always complied with the US government’s requirements and had not delivered any more aircraft to Russia since 3 March 2022. “The 18 machines mentioned in the story left the Haas factory before the Russian invasion,” the group said.



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Haas ties with Russia severed

The statement continues saying that Haas “voluntarily” severed its ties with Russia after the war began, although this was not required by US sanctions authorities, it added.

“Haas fully supports Ukraine and its people in their defence against Russia.”

Haas further stressed that it had never sold machines directly to Russia, but that this happened through a distributor company, as is customary in the industry: “This is the business model we follow worldwide, and in the US”


“Haas has irrevocably and in many cases voluntarily ended its business with Russian companies. […] To that end, Haas has also terminated its Russian sponsorship of the Formula One team at a cost of several million dollars,” Gene Haas’ company defended itself in the statement.

For these reasons, the report by the US television station “could not be further from the truth”. It was “irresponsible” of PBS to publish a poorly researched story like this, “which ignores facts and contains other facts that are clearly false”, the group criticised.

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5 responses to “Haas rumour: Supplying parts to Russia for weapons

  1. pBS achieved their aim of creating traffic on their site. Publishing certain Lies or truth doesn’t matter. We need the traffic and the $ says most « news » media

    • Absolutely Andy. I am as disgusted with irresponsible and fake news as I am nauseated by the antics of the despicable duo (from MB, naturally).
      Should there not be a system to penalise severely the purveyors of fake news, deep fake videos etc.?

  2. I hate false news also. But still on the other hand I believe and investigation should be performed to prove the innocence than hold PBS accountable for their false news against the company.

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