Max Verstappen seen driving new 2023 Red Bull car

SPY SHOT VIDEO: New Red Bull 2023 car revealed – Verstappen has ‘good first impression’ with RB19. Two-time F1 world champion Max Verstappen was able to take the controls of the Red Bull RB19 for the very first time on Friday during a filming day at Silverstone. First impressions are good says the Dutch Formula 1 driver as the team try to keep hidden their 2023 F1 challenger, but the new car was leaked on the internet with a spy shot at Silverstone.

On Friday, the Red Bull team drove its REAL 2023 single-seater, the RB19, for the first time on the Silverstone track in the United Kingdom during a filming day during which mileage was limited to 100 kilometres.

Two-time world champion Max Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez took turns driving the RB19, which they were experiencing for the first time in real-world conditions. During the test, the Red Bull was equipped with demo tyres and the reigning World Champion team used the day to check that all systems were working properly.


“Today I drove the RB19 for the first time,” said Max Verstappen on Friday evening after his drive at Silverstone.

“Of course, it’s only one day of filming at Silverstone, but I had a good first impression. Everything worked as it should and everything went well and that’s exactly what you hope for on a day like this. Now I’m just excited to get to Bahrain [for winter testing].”



Spy shot leaked

Unlike in previous years, the Red Bull team are taking care to keep their car well hidden as no official photos have been released from the day’s filming at Siverstone. Only a short video of the RB19 on track was posted on social media officially, but it wasn’t too long before a mobile phone footage from a hidden photographer captured the first image of the real RB19 driven by Max Verstappen.


It looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to see a clearer image of the Red Bull RB19, which will not take to the track until the winter test in Bahrain from 23 to 25 February. The first race of the season is scheduled on the same circuit a week later.

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