Embarrassing blunder at Alfa presentation

Alfa Romeo was the fourth team to present its car for the 2023 Formula 1 season on Tuesday, but things went wrong. A technical glitch meant that the car could be seen far too early. The fans on the net were pleased of course.

The unveiling of the new Formula 1 cars is usually a meticulously planned affair by the teams, down to the smallest detail. Usually, the top bosses take the floor first and explain how confident they are about the coming season. Then the team bosses are allowed to rave about the work of the engineers, and finally the drivers talk about their goals and praise the appearance of the new car.


Alfa Romeo also wanted to go through with its programme on Tuesday at the presentation of the new C43. But the plan went very wrong.

Even as team boss Alessandro Alunni Bravi and technical boss Jan Monchaux stood on stage in front of the still shrouded car and gave their speeches, images of the new C43 suddenly flickered across the big screen. All viewers of the live stream thus saw something they were not actually supposed to see yet.



Fans laugh at embarrassing Alfa faux pas

The fans on social media were happy about the faux pas. They made fun of Alfa by every trick in the book.

“Did Alfa just accidentally leak its own car?” asked one user on Twitter. Another user wrote:

“Only Alfa Romeo would leak its own car and pretend we don’t see it.” Another user scoffed, “Alfa has taken the leaking game to a whole new level.”


It was only minutes after the Swiss racing team accidentally leaked the new C43 that the official unveiling of the car finally followed. Small consolation for the racing team: most fans on social networks liked the new look.

The black and red livery received mostly applause from the followers.

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