Alonso & Hamilton already testing ahead of car launches

Both Aston Martin and Mercedes started testing early in Jerez today. The Aston Martin Formula 1 team and Mercedes AMG F1 are in Spain at Jerez this week for tyre testing on behalf of Pirelli. This is the first time Fernando Alonso has taken to the track this year, joined by Lewis Hamilton.

Fernando Alonso took to the track for the first time this year as part of private testing organised by Pirelli this week in southern Spain at the Jerez circuit, but the Spanish driver was not alone as Britain’s Lewis Hamilton also took part in the first day of testing with Mercedes.




Pirelli tyre testing in Spain

Both the Mercedes and Aston Martin teams are in Jerez this week for two days of testing to help Pirelli develop its tyres for the 2024 season. On Tuesday it was Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton (who already took part in tests last week at Paul Ricard) who were on track in 2022 cars, but it is not yet known whether they will continue the work on Wednesday or whether other drivers will be on track.

In any case, the first day of testing was dry, and although some threatening clouds appeared over the circuit in the afternoon, the drivers never had the opportunity to test the wet tyres.


The first day of testing saw Fernando Alonso in his Aston Martin suit, as the Spaniard drove in his famous camouflage helmet, which is not sponsored and is mainly used for private testing before the start of each season.

Testing continues on Wednesday February 8 with Aston Martin and Mercedes, while both teams will then return to their respective UK bases to unveil their 2023 cars next week (February 13 for Aston Martin and February 15 for Mercedes), before heading to Bahrain for winter testing.

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