BMW back in F1?

Herbert Diess, the head of the Volkswagen group of companies, recently confirmed the German group’s intention to enter Formula 1 with Porsche and Audi. This will not happen before 2026 and the arrival of new regulations in F1, including the introduction of fully synthetic fuels. Many now look towards BMW and ask if they too will be back in F1.

The arrival of Audi and Porsche in Formula 1 could certainly have motivated other manufacturers, especially as Mercedes is expected to remain involved, albeit most likely as an engine supplier. And for the galaxy of German premium manufacturers to be complete, BMW is obviously missing from the party somewhat.

Germany’s BMW Blog wanted to know if a return to Formula 1 by 2026 could be envisaged from Munich. At BMW, the subject has not even been mentioned it seems. Indeed, according to the statements of BMW M boss Frank Van Meel, there is “no ambition for Formula 1”. Following the brand’s departure in 2009 after its split with Sauber due to engine regulation changes at the time, BMW never considered a return to F1.

Perhaps a shame, as there is a near certainty that Porsche will team up as an engine supplier to Red Bull, and Audi could well buy either McLaren or Sauber.


“For us, it’s really important that the energy transition is adopted as quickly as possible. Formula 1 is still discussing the regulations for electrification. So for us it was very clear. We have to go faster than Formula 1”, said Frank Van Meel.

Instead, BMW is investing heavily in its Le Mans Daytona (LMDh) hybrid race car, which is now expected to enter the track for the 2024 season, with participation in 2023 ruled out. Even without a return to F1, BMW will have to contend with the Volkswagen Group, as Lamborghini, Porsche and Audi are all working on LMDh projects.

They will be joined by Acura, Cadillac, Alpine and Peugeot. In addition to its LMDh programme, BMW is also involved in GT3 and GT4.



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