Horner: Porsche as engine supplier to Red Bull

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said it would be “very easy” to partner with a car manufacturer amid growing interest from the Volkswagen Group in the new engine regulations that will come into force in Formula One in 2026.

Last week, the Volkswagen Group confirmed its intention to enter Formula One with the Audi and Porsche brands, but will wait to make a final decision until the 2026 power unit rules are finalised. Volkswagen’s board of directors met last Thursday in Wolfsburg and confirmed that F1 was on the agenda as an engine supplier rather than a full team takeover, but that the details have yet to be finalised.

The Porsche brand has been linked to a partnership with Red Bull for several years and appears close to a deal, but according to the latest rumours from Germany a partnership between Audi and McLaren is now uncertain, with Sauber leading the way ahead of Williams and Aston Martin.


Commenting on the potential arrival of the Volkswagen Group in Formula One and a possible partnership between Red Bull and Porsche, Horner said:

“That would be great news, and of course it would be natural for us to talk to them. It would be very easy [to team up with a manufacturer], but it would have to be with the right partner of course. So it would make sense to have discussions with both manufacturers, or any serious manufacturer,

“I think it’s first of all great news for Formula 1, that brands like Porsche and Audi are considering entering the category,

“And it’s great to hear that there is this clear intention, subject to regulation, to enter the sport. It will obviously be sensible for us to enter into more detailed discussions and that’s exciting for Formula 1, it’s exciting for Porsche and for Audi and potentially a link with Red Bull would be very exciting.”

The Red Bull Powertrains factory, the company set up by Red Bull to develop its own engines for Formula 1, will be operational from May next year. The facility is located in Milton Keynes on the same campus as the Formula One team.



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    • Merc is silent because they are on the backfoot right now. If they do manage to solve their problems and are in the mix, all the old bravado and politics playing of their two prima donna will start.

      • Their is only one Prima Donna in F1 and that is the new Biggest Whinger F1 champion Crashtappen. Nominated by his own team for swearing and yelling at them over the radio, never has F1 known such a brat. His own Dad was a nasty piece of work and it looks like Max is following his example. Way to go F1 new ‘Paper Champion’.

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