Mercedes issue stark warning ahead of Monaco

The Mercedes AMG F1 team showed on Sunday at the Formula One Spanish Grand Prix that the porpoising problem that has plagued Lewis Hamilton and George Russell since the start of the season may have been corrected. However, the team said it had not yet disappeared ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, and issued a stark warning that the car may not perform well.

At the Spanish F1 Grand Prix, Mercedes appeared to have corrected the porpoising problems that had plagued the team since the start of the season. Despite a tangle with Kevin Magnussen that later turned out to be caused by the Mercedes driver losing control, Lewis Hamilton finished the race in fifth place after a spirited recovery. George Russell was able to take advantage of Charles Leclerc’s retirement to take the third step of the podium.

This significant progress seems to bode well for the Monaco Grand Prix which takes place this Sunday. But ahead of the race, Mercedes was keen to dampen spirits by saying that the porpoising had not completely disappeared.


Bouncing likely to return at Monaco

“It would be wrong to say that porpoising has disappeared,” warns James Vowles, Mercedes strategy boss,

“We had one race out of six where the car behaved well. We really had a real race car for the first time. We could set it up, we could tune it, we could play with the set-up and it governed in a predictable way, whereas you couldn’t say that about the car we had in the first five races of the season,

However, we have to temper our expectations. This is only one track, and one that was suitable for our car for many years before this one,

We still have a lot to understand and learn and I think it would be wrong to say that the porpoising has gone. I think we can still see it in our competitors and I’m sure there will be elements that will come back as we build on the understanding and foundation we established in Barcelona,” Mercedes’ director of strategy James Vowles explains.




Team radio evidence shows Red Bull shafting Perez

Despite what appeared to many that Red Bull shafted Max Verstappens’ team mate, Sergio Perez, Christian Horner believes his team made the “right decision” at the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Mexican did so and let the Dutchman through, who went on to win for the third time in a row after Imola and Miami. Sergio Perez immediately switched to a three-stop strategy to take the fastest lap point in the race on soft tyres.

What is apparent is how Perez is moved immediately for Max yet he has to…. READ MORE ON THIS STORY





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  1. It seems that nobody saw the way that VERSTAPPEN “WON” the championship but they saw a small incident during the Spanish Grand Prix. VERY CONVENIENT’ on top of it the man wHOM ARRANGED THE CHAMPIONSHIP IN DUBAI is probably coming back. Time to make some needed CLEANING among the organizers of the F1 . What a shame that MAFFIA is now part of F1. It used to be a sport of the few as TENNIS.

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