Poor season and Sainz confession about Ferrari

Unlike Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz Jr. is experiencing some difficulties at the start of the Formula One season. And the Spaniard admitted that this was due to a lack of adaptation with his Ferrari F1-75.

At the start of the season, Ferrari has been able to benefit from the change in F1 regulations. Through Charles Leclerc, the Scuderia is leading the drivers’ standings. However, Carlos Sainz Jr is not as successful and the Spaniard is struggling to adapt to his new car, and his results prove it perfectly with unforced errors and bad luck generated by starting in the midfield.


In contrast to the Monegasque, Carlos Sainz Jr is fifth in the overall Formula 1 standings. And the 27-year-old driver admitted that this was the result of discomfort in his car with the Ferrari being better suited to his team mate.

“I’m still not comfortable. I’m still not as fluid as I would like to be,” says the Spaniard,


“I’m still not comfortable. I’m still not as fluid as I’d like to be and mistakes like in qualifying [at Imola] prove that I’m not 100% happy with this Ferrari car and I don’t understand it perfectly unlike Charles,

“But I’m working on it, I’m doing my best to adapt it to my taste, to change my driving style and mistakes happen when you challenge yourself,” the Ferrari driver said.

Regardless of the current situation, Ferrari appear pleased with Sainz and proved it by extending his contract with the team and for fellow Spaniard Fernando Alonso, this was an obvious move for Ferrari. Alonso was pleased to see the new deal get announced, tipping the team to remain strong under the new regulations.


“[I’m] happy for him obviously and for Ferrari, I think they did good to continue with him after a good season last year and a good start now,” Alonso said.

“Obviously, they have the fastest car now. So it’s good to see Carlos in that car for a few more years. And with these new regulations, they should stay a very competitive package.”

Meanwhile, Ferrari are reportedly bringing a new rear wing to Miami to reduce their straight-line speed deficit to Red Bull.



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