Perez threatens to quit

The team mate of Max Verstappen, Mexico’s Sergio Perez, has recently admitted that he would seriously consider leaving Formula 1 and retiring for good, citing the demands of the sport would become too much to allow him to continue.

In an interview with The Athletic, Red Bull F1 driver Sergio Pérez thought aloud about retiring because of the ever-increasing size of the race calendar.

“We have so many races, we have simulator tests before every race and we have many partner events,” complained the Mexican,

“We basically have no time at all for us and the family anymore,” said Max Verstappen’s teammate,

“If the calendar grows even more, I definitely won’t be involved there anymore.”

This Formula 1 season there are 23 Grand Prix on the calendar this year, more than ever before. And Liberty Media, the current owners of F1, are looking to add more races to grow the sport further. For next year, it is already known that two more races will be added. There will also be races in Las Vegas and Qatar in 2023, bringing the calendar to 25 circuits.


“Of course there is a big demand, but on the other hand more races are a no-go, at least for me.”

The Mexican has been in Formula 1 since 2011 and won two races. His best finishes in the drivers’ standings have been two fourth places in recent years, and he is currently third in the title race.




2 responses to “Perez threatens to quit

  1. Does he get paid and does he have full health insurance and 4 weeks vacation every year? Does he enjoy his work? If he answers no to any of these questions then maybe he does need to find another job.

  2. I don’t blaim him. Work/Personal life balance is important to everyone.
    To be honest, I also expect to watch F1 less, if they keep expanding the nr of races. To compare it with football: I like watching it but I do not watch every single match of my favourite club. It’s just too much. I settle for checking the result and that’s it. F1 must not become like that. It would ruin a lot of the fun.

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