Alonso: ‘Hamilton won because he had the fastest car’.

For many F1 followers, Fernando Alonso is the best driver on the current F1 grid. Yes the statistics don’t show that, but the Spanish champion believes being in the right car at the right time is a huge part of creating a Formula 1 destiny.

According to Fernando, the Mercedes W13 is to blame for Lewis current fortunes, he replied the team haven’t given him a winning car.

Commenting on Hamilton’s 2022 season performance, Alonso said It’s Formula 1. It has been like this always. When [Ayrton] Senna won the championships and the races, he had the fastest car. When I won the championship, I had the fastest car. Michael [Schumacher] had the fastest car. Lewis broke all the records and pole positions because he had the fastest car.

“Today, Lewis is driving super well and he’s P13. It’s Formula 1.” In other words he no longer has the fastest car.

Clearly F1’s most experienced title winning driver Alonso, is placing the blame fairly and squarely on Mercedes AMG F1  for not providing the 7 times world champions with a car capable of winning races, never mind a title.

Yet, the inverse sub text from Alonso’s comments is that, in the modern era the winning of a world championship is based primarily on the ability of the car.



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    • You are not wining because they have you a slow car? He went to the other side Nascar to race ,how many race did he Win, people like to discredit success

    • Correct, Alonso is a Barking idiot if he left this comment, how do you think Verstappen won the last GP …he had the fastest car on the day. He was unchallenged.

      • Really? A Barking idiot??? Alonso is an F1 world champion, and you are???? You diminish your contribution by such trite name calling

        • Hi agree with David Comment. Answer me this question, please. Which driver has won an F1 race in a slow car? Is it not the whole point of F1 that at the end of the day the fastest car wins? For a seasoned driver such as Alonso to make such a comment is honestly idiotic if indeed he did make those comments? We know Alonso, Jason Button and Rosberg all hate Lewis and only pretend to like him in his face but behind him they stab him. Not even Caesar was stabbed so much by his foes. It’s fine because Lewis and his fans know them. At the moment F1 is popular because Lewis Hamilton came in. Wait till he exist and see how popular it will be then.

          • We did a post today about a radical change in F1 quali etc….. are you too obsessed to only comment on Hamilton issues????

        • Hamilton is a seven times world champion… and you are?

          You clearly only like doing hit pieces on Hamilton….

          If you do not like the guy, rather do positive stories about other drivers?

  1. So Verstappen, Leclerc, M.Schumacher, Senna etc etc including sore loser Alonso won because they had the slowest car??????? Even when sore loser Alonso had the same car with Hamilton at McLaren, Hamilton beat him. So, what does that mean???

      • Why you always wasting your time commenting on looser Alonso , the biggest fool chicken 🐓 mouth of F1 paddock, he has always been jealous of Hamilton he will never be like Hamilton and he will never have the talent raw skill of lewis , mad dog barking

      • Don’t think he was no.2 in lewis’ first season and was the reigning world champion and still lost

  2. It has nothing to do with colour.
    Congratulations on making it about race rather than talent and machinery.

  3. I believe what he says to be true. When you have cars that are in the same performance bracket then you can start to look at driver ability.
    Let’s face it, the cars have always been the same, put Lewis or any other driver who’s wining in an Aston week in week out and see if he’s looking to win championships.
    The car is the difference until you are down to comparative times, then it’s the drivers ability to extract the best out of that that comes into play.

  4. Now that Formula One is so much safer than it was in eras gone by there is something of a logjam at the top and finding a vacant seat is more akin to a game of musical chairs.

    But it’s in the nature of motor racing that the the fastest drivers get offered the fastest cars. Always have, always will. And always should.

  5. Yeah Alonso, you won because your team mate deliberately crashed to bring out the safety car

  6. Well done. Every person who has won a WDC had the fastest car. That’s how you win. Congrats on more clickbait

    • No they haven’t, but I’d guess you’ve only been following F1 for just over a decade?

      Off the top of my head, 1982 and 1986 were won by slower cars. You could argue 1991, 1994 and 2005 were won by the slower car.

      If you were to say the champion comes from one of the leading cars then that’s a different argument but between 2014-2020, other than half a season in 2017 and 2018, Mercedes had no competition except for occasional race wins.

      Hamilton vs Bottas was never a fair fight, Bottas was essentially the equivalent of Barrichello, Massa or Webber.

  7. I see Alonso is still salty about 2007. He hates Hamilton so of course he’s going to have a dig. Look at how pleased he sounded when he found out max won and Lewis got screwed last season

    • You know he ‘hates’ Hamilton???? Maybe…….. ‘his negative experience at McLaren means he is inclined to have a negative view of his former team mate’…… would ineffably elevate our comment.

  8. You can make your valid point without name calling. And your rhetoric demonstrates a lack of intelligent debate and diminishes your opinion.

  9. the conclusion therefore is: It’s not the driver but the car that is dictating the winner in F1. So much for that skills…..

  10. In 2010, in the championship deciding final race, Alonso had a faster car than Vitally Petrov… but yet was not able to pass… this shows that even if have a fast car, talent also matters…

  11. And Damon Hill in a arrows, would have won in hungary if he didn’t had a breakdown in the final lap. Ans that Arrows really wasnt the fastest car of the lot.

    and indeed he who has the best car and is the better half of the drivers in the team wil probably win de WDC.

    • Damon Hill would also have won the WDC if Schumacher hadn’t crashed into him, like Rosberg and Max. There are drivers that do that and people always remember and drivers that don’t and Hamilton is one of those, he would rather keep racing and Max isn’t known as Crashstappen for nothing. It’s hard to understand what you are saying as your post is so full of spelling errors but it sounds like you are still trotting out that tired old line that anyone in the best car can win WDC. Not only is that getting boring now but why don’t you ask Bottas his thoughts on that! That stupid line never made sense and still doesn’t however many times you keep saying it.

      • I know your IP address Steve and will ban you. Change the record!!!!!! And soon. You have nothing of interest to say other than the same tired old shit and everyone is bored of you.

        No comments on F1 breakaway or any other news. Just the same old Hamilton Fanbouy obsession.

        Maybe you should start your own blog – its free and easy to do, rather than nit pick and piss everyone off here.

          • I really value our commentators which is why i’m trying to tidy up this section. But it would be nice if our commentators could add their thoughts to articles other than the few Hamilton pieces we publish. The proposed new quali and 2 stop race piece has received no interest. Kind of looks like we are just a pro-anti Hamilton community.

          • I did reply to the article about Albon en Verstappen.

            And no negative responses off mine about LH.

  12. Place Hamilton against Vestapen in the same car, Vestapen wins. Place Rosberg against Hamilton in the same car Rosberg wins, Russell will just confirm what we already know

    • I admit I am a Hamilton fan. I think he is a great ambasador for the sport. After the appalling finish to last years final race I think he has lost that edge, I cannot say I blame him.
      MV another Shumacher, dangerous, Rosberg, couldn’t take the heat, good driver though.

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