Hamilton bid for Chelsea rejected

Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams bid to buy Chelsea FC from its disgraced Russian owner has been rejected. Hamilton has a number of ventures outside F1 including a Vegan chain of restaurants forecasting 1000 global outlets in 8 years.

The London Premier League club will settle on a bid from Todd Boehly who owns the LA Dodgers and has a significant ownership in the baseball team the LA Lakers.

The Chelsea board decision ton appoint an American sports business owner appears to follow the example of Liverpool FC who elected to sell to Fenway Sports who own successful USA sports team franchises.

Liverpool FC since ended a 30 year drought of Premier League honours, and are considered one of the top two clubs in the world alongside Manchester City

Lewis Hamilton a life long Arsenal fan had been beseeched by fellow ‘Gunners’ supporters not to make this investment, though he ignored their pleas.

It appears Chelsea FC are more interested in owners with a sports track record of success in club management rather than the froth and bubble of two sporting global superstars peddling societal change issues.

4 responses to “Hamilton bid for Chelsea rejected

  1. Good decision. Greed has been taught a lesson. Arse nal fans should stay loyal to Arse nal.

    All good things including seven years of lucky WDCs must come to an end. Karma is catching up.

  2. It’s not greed Vijay it’s business, you know Capitalism, it makes the world go around. If Lewis, Serena, Seb and co wanted to invest millions in my club I would be very happy and Arsenal already have a Billionaire owner in Kroenke.
    So you think Hamilton winning his seven titles was all down to luck 😂 I can honestly say you would be in a very small minority on that one, say just you! How about Schumacher, he had to cheat to get some of his titles which Lewis didn’t have to do or how about Max he had to be given his on a plate. Still you keep it up with the wild speculations it does give us all a good laugh.

    • Hi Steve. I see you returned. You once accused me of using another name. Just as the real Trump you accuse others of things you do yourself. Very brave.

      Anyway. Vijay is absolutely right. It was pure luck that LH gave him a great car. He was lucky to be not too a bad driver. Lucky Merc needed a young upcoming driver, Lucky that the engine rules completely changed and lucky that Merc became the best car for almost a decade, based on what Brawn did before with that team according to judge.

      Another funny thing. In an Interview at sky sports, Mr Herbert claims that LH is the great leader within the Merc team and motivating the team to get out of this mess.

      Clearly Herbert is part of the orchestrated effort to keep LH out of the backlash. Everybody knows LH hardly ever showed himself at the factory. Toto had to beg him to do some simulator work last season. LH is way to busy with partying in the states and his ‘fashion’, fastfood and whatever.

      • Boring, inter commentator arguments. We have your IP addresses. You will be banned.

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