Annoyed Alonso: Comeback 2020 or 2021 not off the cards

It appears that Fernando Alonso has beef with the press, who continuously allude that the Spanish driver was ‘driven’ out of F1.

The McLaren man insists that this is most certainly not the case.

“I stepped down because I wanted to, not because I was forced” claims Alonso.

Since his retirement announcement, or should we really say sabbatical, from Formula 1 – each race has been his last with the usual fond farewells from fans and paddock meanderers alike. Perhaps even the best measure of the Spaniards emotion about his situation is the sheer quantity of selfies he takes of himself during the drivers parade.

“Every farewell is special and a bit emotional.

“In Mexico for the last time in front of this incredible audience.

“In Brazil the last time on the track, where I was world champion twice. Then to Abu Dhabi for the very last time. ”

But yet the McLaren driver claims he’s made his peace with F1, and indeed this is the correct decision for him, decided by him in difference to the general consensus that he simply had no other place to go to.

Indeed he has laid claim to being asked by several top teams in recent times to drive for them, the last round of media ‘tit for tat’ with Christian Horner of Red Bull racing. Alonso claiming he was actually asked in early summer to potentially drive for the team (more on that incredible claim via this link) when Daniel Ricciardo announced his shock move to Renault in 2019.

“I achieved everything that needed to be done. I have two world titles, 32 GP victories, records, I drove for all the famous teams and earned more money than I ever dreamed of.” retorts the Spaniard.

“There is nothing that I regret. A chapter comes to an end. Now comes the next one. I stepped down because I wanted it, not because I was forced. ”

So where now for the driver sometimes described as ‘Toxic’ to teams?


Well, as far as Alonso is concerned, Formula one is far too boring to be worth participating in. In his opinion, it is far too predictable, too static and far too unfair.

In essence, those who don’t drive a Red Bull, Mercedes or Ferrari stand zero chance and actually, the man does have a point.

But then many might argue that the so called ‘most complete F1 driver ever’ actually fell victim to the trail destruction and ill feeling left with nearly every team he joined. Perhaps Enstone, or now Renault, being the exception.

That being said, Alonso also says that this is simply not true – proven by the fact that Red Bull made their offer this year. Further, he is certain that should an offer come from Mercedes or Ferrari, that would not surprise him either.


But for now, Alonso has other priorities.

“Formula 1 always thinks it’s the biggest. There’s a lot more motorsports out there, and there are even bigger goals for me to accomplish.

I said that in August. Why am I still asking for it in October? ”

Many including us at TJ13 believed a full season at Indycar was on the cards, but alas it seems that Honda have pulled the plug on that particular ambition. We reported that a deal was in place to put Alonso in a new satellite team to Andretti Honda, but powered by Chevy.


It seemed that everything was moving into place to make this happen, crucially including Honda America, a very separate entity to the Japanese Honda that competes in F1.

Unfortunately for ‘Fred’ (Alonso), Honda Japan didn’t forget the ceaseless chastising of their Power Unit over the radio messages. “GP2 engine” came back to haunt him. And so it seems that Japan has enough say over Honda America to pull the plug on allowing Andretti to field a B team using the Chevy unit.

So it seems that the WEC (FIA World Endurance Championship) is the only commitment Alonso has outside of F1 in 2019.


Assumptions must be made that a bid for the so called ‘Triple Crown’ with an Indy 500 victory will be top of the priority list whilst finishing the second half of the WEC superseason that ends with Le Mans 2019.

Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport claims that there isn’t a lot left for Alonso apart from F1 or Formula E after WEC and Indy500. Perhaps they’re right? After all, Alonso has not excluded a comeback to F1 after hinting to the German publication that: “I can talk and plan about 2020 or 2021.”


“But one thing is for sure: I will not be racing in Formula One in 2019. ”

Perhaps there is something on the cards? Or maybe Alonso is continuing to keep the Alonso story going beyond F1.


Can you see Alonso returning to F1 to drive this car?


3 responses to “Annoyed Alonso: Comeback 2020 or 2021 not off the cards

  1. A mistake made by every media outlet, Alonso retiring from F1. He never said that, only he wasn’t racing in F1 in ‘19.

    Honda Japan and Honda USA may be different entities but Japan is the mothership.

    Anyway, now Hamilton can truly lay claim to the best ‘F1’ driver in the world, now Alonso’s taken a sabbatical. Whilst Fred’s been in the field, the Spaniard is still the greatest.

    If you stick the Brit in the Mclaren from 2013, I guarantee there’d be no wins or titles

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