Alonso: “Red Bull asked me to join 6 times in 7 years” & Horner apologised


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A remarkable TV interview snuck under my radar yesterday, and I’m a little surprised this hasn’t been picked up by anyone in media-land.

Alonso clarifies Red Bull’s attempts to snare him, even before Ricciardo announced his departure from the team, during the Monaco weekend and as recent as August. He also made Christian Horner apologise!

Sergio Perez in discussions with McLaren about 2019 return

Vandoorne, Ocon, Norris and Perez in contention to partner Sainz.


Renault: New engine “significantly more powerful” but less reliable

The team’s engine technical director Remi Taffin described the new version as “an evolution of the current B Spec engine” which is “significantly more powerful” than its predecessor.

“Conversely, it’s possibly not as reliable as the current generation, hence the different choices made by each team. Depending on fuel used, the power gain is in the order of 0.3s per lap in qualifying on a circuit like Monza, which is a substantial step forward.”

Red Bull are set to be the only team to use the upgrade at Monza.


No more UK highlights on C4 in 2019


Formula 1 cars set to feature rear wing rain lights in 2019

Formula 1 teams have approved a plan to introduce rear wing rain lights in 2019 in a bid to help make cars stand out more in low visibility conditions.

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