Arrivabene: Ferrari afraid of victory, Vettels failure & a conspiracy against us

For several weeks now there have been rumours in Maranello that TJ13 have reported on – talk of Tech boss Mattia Binotto leaving Ferrari for Mercedes being just one of several.

Allegedly, the story is that the late president Sergio Marchionne, who unfortunately passed away in the summer of 2018, had plans in place to replace Arrivabene should he fail to secure the drivers title in 2018.

It appears the death of the president has put the anchors on this idea, and Marchionne’s successor Louis Camilleri has decided to pause with the axe despite the failure of Vettel to secure the drivers Championship.


Arrivabene’s replacement was…?

Adding fuel to the rumour that tech chief Mattia Binotto is leaving Ferrari, the man behind much of the turnaround of the team in recent years, happens to have been the intended replacement of Arrivabene. Sergio Marchionne had earmarked his favoured man, Binotto, to make another step up in the team and lead the race team from 2019 onwards.

The late president promoted Binotto from the Engine team to oversee the entire factory in time for when the new 2017 aero rules came into force.


Arrivabene has shot down these rumours in the press claiming it to be ‘fake news’, aimed at destabilising the team.

“Let’s make it clear once and for all,” he said. “The rumours about Mattia are a fake news, put around to create instability in the team, an attempt to try to create problems where there are no problems, and I do not want to comment on false rumours anymore.

“During this season there have been many attempts at destabilisation, sometimes with stories about the drivers, others about the technicians. My position? Ask the managing director [Louis] Camilleri.”


During the Ferrari World Finals at Monza last weekend, Arrivabene revealed his opinions on the problems Ferrari have had during Vettel’s title challenge against Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

“The warmth of the fans here is incredible. One came to me and said:

“Do not give up! Then you’ll just grab it next year! ”

“But I said: What next year? We still have the chance to win the constructors”

2009 F1 cars driven by Giancarlo Fisichella, Marc Gene, Andrea Bertolini and Davide Rigon at the World Finals in Monza last weekend.


Andrea Cremonesi of Gazzetta dello Sport claims Arrivabene spoke of the biggest issues that prevented the team from winning the drivers title.

“The habit of winning. For Mercedes, a double victory is the norm, for us it is an event. We have to put off the fear of winning.”


Vettel to blame for the failure more than the team

“Maybe the title defeat was due to a lack of attention to detail, we learned – we win together, we lose together. There were mistakes made by the driver and, to a lesser extent, by the team.” claims Arrivabene.

“Raikkonen has a clear mind, Vettel however you have to hug and show affection.

“In Monza at that time, he wanted to win and the race was a hard blow for him.

“Then the calendar didn’t help us: Singapore, Sochi and Suzuka our car was inferior.”


Arrivabene is convinced: Ferrari will also compete in 2019 with a powerful duo. “We know all too well what qualities Charles Leclerc has. He has to use the rest of the 2018 season to learn a lot. And then he has to acquire the tools of a Vettel. “

10 responses to “Arrivabene: Ferrari afraid of victory, Vettels failure & a conspiracy against us

      • That’s just it… Trying to secure his place would be a lot easier if he makes Vettel feel loved and the latter wins the wdc.

          • Idk, last year they seemed to love each other. But yes Luca wanted him. But which other option did they have? Alonso was out because it wasn’t a good relationship towards the end, Lewis was at Mercedes at a monster fee, Danny was still too new to the game…

    • oooo harsh but… well i suppose at least Vettel generally bested his team mate unlike we all know who

  1. @ Bruznic and Byron, Vettel was LdM’s man and initially when Marchionne took over everything was fine.

    The big boss was a business genius and part of that was he understood the psychology behind people. He got rid of the people within the race department who underperformed before looking at the drivers.

    Back in 2016, Ferrari were telling Seb to concentrate on driving rather than ‘running’ the team and at the time Sergio has serious doubts about Vettel’s ultimate ability.

    He chatted with Lewis, and it wasn’t solely about a LaFerrari purchase, he spoke to Brawn and it was around the start of 2017 that he began making future plans in regards Charles.

    Vettel it appears cannot handle pressure and I wouldn’t doubt that you swap Hamilton for Seb, the title winner of 20-7 and 18 would have been Lewis.

    Having said that, if Alonso has joined Mercedes in 2013, the press would now be lauding Alonso as a seven time champion.

    1) because Rosberg would never have beaten him in 2016
    2) Ham in a Ferrari wouldn’t have beaten Fred in a Mercedes…

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