Formula E: “We’ve been speaking to Fernando”


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Alonso Evaluating Formula E Interest

Fernando Alonso to keep an eye on Formula E, could consider drive in 2019-2020

“We’ve been speaking to Fernando on a friendly and informal basis for a while and he’s always been very clear with us,” a Formula E spokesperson told e-racing365.

“Hopefully he will take a closer look at our championship and appreciate how much drivers can make a difference in our races and then evaluate his interest on whether to join the pack.

“It will then be up to teams to go after such a great talent, but he’ll always be welcome in our championship.”

Alonso Evaluating Formula E Interest


Lewis Hamilton: What Mercedes driver’s fifth F1 title shows – Mika Hakkinen

“Winning the Formula One World Championship once is an amazing feeling, coming at the end of many years of hard work by the driver, the team, his management and supporters,” Hakkinen told Unibet.


“Three weeks ago I was in Japan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my first title, and I can remember the success I enjoyed with McLaren-Mercedes in 1998 very well. It feels like yesterday.

“I also remember my second title, which I also won in Japan, in 1999. The second time did not feel less than the first; in many ways it was better because one of the most difficult things in Formula One, or any professional sport, is being able to maintain performance year after year. Consistency is King.

“Lewis Hamilton’s fifth World Championship title is a really fantastic achievement, therefore, because it shows that both he and the Mercedes team have found that right formula for remaining fully competitive, season after season.

“His personal commitment is impressive, because there is nothing easy about turning up year after year and giving 100 per cent to beat the best in the world. It is an extremely tough mental and physical challenge. There is nothing easy about it.”


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  1. I hope Fred does go to FE. This year’s cars look stunning. And they don’t have to swap cars anymore

  2. Oh Mika, go back and hibernate!! Winning titles in dominant machinery isn’t difficult, as proven by himself.

    Is Mika still a ‘Mercedes’ representative seeing as he won using their engines?

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