Force India driver: “F1 is sick”

On November 25th, Fernando Alonso will compete at the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, and in all likelihood will be his final Formula 1 race.


Alonso has kept the door open to be back in 2020, but equally when have we heard that before? Case in point being Mika Hakkinen.
Also, the F1 machine is merciless too. When Michael Schumacher first announced his retirement from Formula in 2006, many fans and pundits claimed that the sport would not be the same afterwards, and yet in 2007 it was quickly forgotten.  

Force India driver Sergio Perez rather laments the demise of Alonso it seems, saying that “It’s a pity we’ll lose him”. Further, he says that it just goes to show “how sick Formula 1 is”.


“We have one of the best racers in the world, and he tortures himself in midfield to scrape up a few points, weekend after weekend” says the Mexican driver,

“If we were to put him in another car, then he could fight for victory and become world champion again.

“That’s our formula 1. And we’re all in this boat.

“Alonso was lucky that he was able to drive good cars in his career. He has won many races and two titles.

“He has more than earned this because of his gift. I wish him all the best for the future. Will he come back? Who knows.”


Alonso extreme sarcasm on the radio in Brazil 2018

“Alonso is a big driver and a real guy. He loves racing right down to the last fibre of his body.

“I have great respect for what he has achieved and what he still wants to do. Formula 1 should not lose such a driver.”


Alonso rants about F1

Alonso: “What happens on the track, this is not the Formula 1, because of which I wanted to be a racing driver.”

“I quit F1 because I think we’re showing a weak show. We talk more about what happens next to the race track.

“We talk about polemics. We talk about radio messages. We talk about all those things, and that’s a bad sign for me.

“Formula 1 does not show good action on the track. I suppose I find more pleasure in another race series.”



“There were years that I suspected I probably would not win many races – in 2003, 2004, 2008, and 2009 and also in 2011. And yet, there has always been an element of uncertainty. That does not exist today.

“We could already decide how the races in Spa or Monza will go. We can write down the first 15 positions, maybe with a few shifts in space. I find it hard to accept how predictable that has become. ”

“We’re going to Barcelona, ​​and after the first winter testing day, it’s clear how your season will go.

“This is hardly digestible. After all, I can say: I was allowed to achieve more than I could ever imagine.

“For other drivers this has to be even more difficult. They have to hope that their team will make an incredible move forward or call the right team. If things do not change, Formula One will be a tough job for ambitious drivers. ”


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  1. Fred forgets that he worked himself out of a team that fought for podiums and in to a team barely able to be in the midfield.

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