Fernando Alonso said no to Brawn GP in 2009

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Fernando Alonso said no to Brawn GP in 2009

from: The Drive

Imagine, however, if a driver like Fernando Alonso had gotten a seat with Brawn GP, instead of either Button or Barrichello. It might sound like another of Formula One’s long history of what-ifs, but according to F1 Today, a former Brawn GP employee stated that Fernando Alonso was offered a 2009 seat with the team—which he declined

Abiteboul downplays Kubica 2018 Renault drive rumours

from: TheCheckeredFlag.co.uk

Whilst not impossible, Robert Kubica is not currently in contention for a 2018 Renault race seat, according to Cyril Abiteboul.

FIA reveal 21-race calendar for 2018

from: PlanetF1.com

A 21-race season awaits in 2018, with a triple-header featured for the first time ever on a Formula 1 calendar – but two races are in doubt.A 21-race season awaits in 2018, with a triple-header featured for the first time ever on a Formula 1 calendar – but two races are in doubt.

The return of France and Germany, plus the omission of Malaysia, will see the calendar extended slightly from 2017 and a busy summer is in store as a result.

The French Grand Prix has been pencilled in for June 24, with the Austrian Grand Prix to follow seven days after and then the British Grand Prix is scheduled for June 8 – marking three races in as many weekends.

The other key stand-out is that the Chinese Grand Prix (April 8) and the Singapore Grand Prix (September 16) are listed as provisional and could be in doubt to return for 2018.

Vettel reveals why he is not on social media

from: PlanetF1.com

Sebastian Vettel has said he does not understand the fascination of social media and the constant need to update everyone.

Rosberg laughs off ‘vicious’ claim

Nico Rosberg has laughed off Toto Wolff’s claim he was “the vicious one” when his relationship with Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes imploded.

Steiner would Welcome more F1 races – with better scheduling of Calendar

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Introduction: The championship is finely balanced as F1 returns to Baku for what will be called the Azerbaijan Grand Prix this weekend.

5 responses to “Fernando Alonso said no to Brawn GP in 2009

  1. “Fernando Alonso said no to Brawn GP in 2009”

    Alonso has two choices. Stay at Renault where he won two races and and finished fifth in the drivers WC with 61 points. Or move to a team that had finished ninth in the WC, which collectively scored 14 points, which for 2009 has no engine, no sponsors, no money. This story has as much value as if someone from Marussia claimed they offered Vettel a seat to replace Max Chilton.

    • It does make you think, ‘what if?’ again Cav. Alonso seem to have a knack of missing the boat, you have to wonder if he killed a Pharos in a past life.
      If we look closely at the chaps drives there was always a possibility of a five times champion. I for one loved Alonso in the Ferrari and was saddened when the announcement came of his leaving,it’s just a pity he couldn’t have seen out his career in the stable.

    • Lewis moved from McLaren to Mercedes in a move that everybody called insane at the time and it paid off big time. I’m sure that when Fernando was approached, he was told that they have a car that can win. He chose the Safe option and declined and he also declined when he was offered a seat at Red Bull the season before they started their domination. Alonso had the talent to dominate F1 like one of the greats, but he was in the wrong seat at the wrong time far too often and he has only himself to blame for that.

      • Hamilton moved to a manufacturer who had committed to investing millions into the team. And M-B’s domination begin with the introduction of the hybrid engine. Prior to that introduction M-B were never close to winning the constructors or drivers WC.

        And don’t forget that in 2010 M-B took a car that had won both the drivers and constructors WC in 2009 and ended up a distance 4th in the constructors WC and in the drivers WC 7th and 9th.

        You can argue that Alonso has made some bad career moves, but not going to a one-hit wonder like Brawn wasn’t one of them.

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