Lewis unhappy with red flag qualy

98007526_hamilton-sport-large_trans++qVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwfSVWeZ_vEN7c6bHu2jJnT8Championship leader Lewis Hamilton has laughed at the new ‘red flag’ qualy rule brought into effect for this weekends German grand prix.

In Budapest, Lewis went straight to Charlie Whiting after qualifying to voice his concerns on the German’s pole lap set under the yellow flag conditions. Mercedes boss Paddy Lowe confirmed Lewis did in-fact go to see Charlie.

“It’s my understanding that Lewis did go and see Charlie but it wasn’t in any way to seek a review of Nico’s lap – it was for his own understanding of what should be done in the future, how that should work for him in the future,” explained Lowe.

“I think that was regrettable.

“Personally, he should have kept to advice from the team and we can obtain that from Charlie as necessary.

“But I don’t think there was any harm done. It was just a misjudgement from that point of view.”

No harm done? Obviously the vocal displeasure about the rules, or the governing of them has prompted Charlie to react. A decision where Lewis himself probably feels regrettable.

“It doesn’t need to be red flagged,” Lewis said, laughing when informed of the rule. “So that means when Fernando is facing the other way around the other day it will be red flagged? We just need to obey to go a lot slower. Take caution. That is what it is supposed to be. It is just different to what we had in the past. It was different last weekend and it is different again. As long as it is clear.
Pressed as to whether this solution is the best option moving forward, Hamilton said “they” have to come up with something better to control the pace of cars.

“You are not supposed to go green or purple. You should be a certain amount slower than your previous lap. Stopping the session guarantees it. It still doesn’t address what happens after a yellow flag, which you can kind of cheat and people will cheat. It needs to be thought out more.

“Nico Hulkenberg had the smallest lift [during Q1 for the Austrian GP]… literally foot 100%, 0%, back to 100 within a tenth of a second. We will still have problems moving forward. It is not the perfect solution. They have to come up with something better, for sure.”

So after quite possibly instigating the new rules, Lewis is now against it. Sounds familiar?
Why wasn’t a VSC (virtual safety car) situation considered for qualifying? Surely this would have been more effective than a red flag?
Stand by for another rule tweak at Spa.

6 responses to “Lewis unhappy with red flag qualy

  1. ‘Sound familiar’ . What’s that supposed to mean? There was no need to bring in the red flag. All they had to do was clarify what a double yellow means, but that would be to accept the stewards screwed up with Rosberg last week.
    Once again, as with the radio rules, Rosberg contravenes them, gets a lenient or no penalty and lo the rules get changed. That’s what you should be applying your term ‘sound familiar’ to.

    • It’s the recent “usual” style of reporting on here. Misleading headlines, slightly inflammatory wording in the article in a bid to generate some discussion, traffic and page views.

      It saddens me somewhat, as this place used to produce some great articles. Now it’s the equivalent of click-bait.

  2. This is a bad idea. Why not enforce something like ‘You must engage pit lane speed limiter’ in sector where double yellow flags are shown. Limiter can be turned off after passing next green flag??? Also, when will happen in race?? This new rule only applies to qualy as I understand it. So in race they just lift and get straight back on throttle??? Stupid

  3. I think Charlie is starting to lose it.
    From ridiculous changes to Quali, which was the one thing that was pretty much right, to this petulant reaction to complaints that stewards ruled wrong about Nico last race, to allowing deferment of cockpit protection.. I think Charlie has unfortunately turned the corner from wise mature man, to stubborn old bastard who can no longer see the trees. Happens to many older people. No shane. But time to go away now Charlie. 2016 has been your anus horribilis

  4. Cheer up Lewis. They will probably chance the rule back again at the next race.

  5. I’m sure Mercedes team management are not to pleased with Hamilton’s willful behaviour,somehow its only when the shoe fits springs to mind…

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