Verstappen “they can talk”

Part-DV-DV1848137-1-1-0Dutch sensation Max Verstappen is not the slightest bit concerned, after coming under scrutiny from fellow F1 drivers after the last race in Hungary.

Max also feels that he shouldn’t have to explain his driving, and is convinced he did nothing wrong in the battle with Kimi Raikkonen last time out.

When asked if he may have to defend himself in the drivers briefing on Friday night, Max had this to say:
“I don’t need to defend myself because I am confident and I think that I didn’t do anything wrong. I mean they can talk to me its fine.”

Verstappen also stated that he feels zero pressure after other drivers voiced their opinions in the aftermath of the Budapest race.

“No pressure. They can talk, that’s alright.”

The no. 33 car came under criticism for his “aggressive lines” in the battle with Ferrari’s  Raikkonen. Kimi himself thought that Max had moved more than once off the racing line, whilst McLarens Jenson Button said the Red Bull ace did “the most dangerous thing” a driver can do (in reference  to moving more than once).

Max then commented on the new radio rules and also the halo decision, which have both hit the headlines post Hungary. Radio rules? Or shall we say lack of them after the FIA made a dramatic U-turn for Germany.

“I’m pretty happy how it is right now. I think with the rules, that you can talk more on the radio is better for the fans because then you know what is going on a bit more, otherwise you are just commentating on cars driving around instead of some nice onboard messages. The Halo, I don’t know, it’s delayed. We will see what they will do in the future.”

Max is once again holding his own in the lions den of the f1 paddock. As the Red Bull / Ferrari battle heats up, be sure that Max wont be giving an inch the next time someone wants his asphalt.

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  1. It’s all about frustation. Ferrari is losing its 2th place in the constructers championship to Red Bull. That is for sure. Both Ferrari drivers are frustaded because both cars can’t beat the Red Bull. Sebastian and Kimi swearing at everything behind the wheel. I follow F1 for about 45 years, and there is only one driver who is not affraid to race . And the sport is all about RACING!! Otherwise we better start watching grass grow …….

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