Light at the end of the tunnel for those sick of single team domination

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How did I do last time?

As it was more of a future of the sport prediction, it’s difficult to say if anything was seen, but little bits of it was seen last weekend.

Again, there is nothing significant in the heavens this weekend. 



What can we expect to see in the Austrian Grand Prix?



Mood for the weekend – Queen of Swords

What to look out for – The Star

Outcome – Temperance


Mood for the Weekend: Queen of Swords

On the Card, Queen Cersei sits on the Iron Throne.

The suit of Swords represents the element of air; this in turn shows us logic, communication and challenges.

The mood of this weekend is cool, logical communication but beware; do not come across as sarcastic or cold. If there is a plot afoot or something that needs investigation, this Queen will sort it out and will not be side-tracked until she has fathomed out what exactly is going on.

Following on from last week, when I saw some dirty goings on behind the scenes of the cost capping talks, someone will start looking into who exactly it is who’s putting a spanner in the works and they will not stop until they have been unmasked.


What to look out for: The Star

On the card, Sansa Stark lights a candle in the window of the Broken Tower, a signal to Brienne of Tarth that she is in need of rescue.

This is a Major Arcana card, it’s message has great importance to this reading.

This is a card of hope, inspiration and serenity. People are looking for hope, hope that this race will be more exciting than the last one, hopefully, the powers that be have realised that there is a REAL problem with F1 that is not going to be fixed by papering over the cracks. However, another meaning of this card is there is light at the end of the tunnel, now that F1 has, almost, admitted there is a problem with F1 being less exiting these days, there is, maybe, some hope that in the 2021 talks something will actually be done to bring F1 back to its former glory.


Outcome: Temperance

On the card, we see Samwell Tarly in the library at Castle Black studying a book.

This is yet another Major Arcana card, this message is very important to the future.

This card is all about balance, integration and compromise.

Therefore, to the 2021 talks we turn to yet again. It seems that no one side will get what they want, the only way the 2021 charter will get the green light is by compromise and all sides working together (sounds familiar, Brexit anyone) The only way we can get F1 back to what it once was is for everyone working together, will it actually happen, watch this space.



Someone is suspecting that all is not well in the cost capping talks and someone else is looking to shove a spanner is the works, so an investigation is starting to find out who and why is trying to disrupt the cost capping talks.

Talking of 2021, there is light at the end of the tunnel for those that are sick of the single team domination and less than exciting place F1 is in, there is hope that the Powers That Be have actually seen how bad F1 actually is now. However, to bring the excitement back everyone must work together to bring balance to the sport.


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