Lawrence Stroll helps himself, rather than others

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Hungarian GP – How did I do last time?

Well I nailed that one didn’t I, I just got the name wrong. All the cards pointed to someone making a huge change to enable them to further their career and ultimately get what they want, then Danny Ric drops his bombshell, and I seriously doubt ANYONE (even me) saw that one coming

Astronomically speaking, yet another full moon on Sunday in another water sign, this time it’s Pisces, a time for wet blankets to become wetter. Pisces is a sign that is ‘Away with the Fairies’, emotional, head in the clouds, in touch with the spirit world and with a love of all things esoteric (No I’m not a Pisces I’m a Feet-On-The-Ground Virgo, with a lot going on in my 12th House, it’s a looooong story.)

Therefore, with emotions on high alert, there may seem to be a cloud over the paddock this weekend and a lot of bemoaning of things not being fair along with flashes of inspiration and help from ‘On High’ (#Blessed.)



Please note – reading was performed Wednesday 22nd – Visit original publication and date

What can we expect to see for the Belgian Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – Thee of Spears

What to look out for – 3 of Cups

Outcome – The World

Mood for the Weekend: Thee of Spears

On the card, Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish watches ships massing in the bay before the Battle of Blackwater.

The suit of Spears represents the element of fire, representing creativity, Joie de Vive, self-will and pizzazz.

This card shows us that you’re close to setting everything in motion to making your dreams come true. Your plans are beginning to take shape and you are starting to put them into practice to get what it is you really want from life. With the figure in the card being Littlefinger, be warned, if someone is making these plans for you, or is involving you in their plans; be very careful, they may not have your best interests at heart.

 What to look out for: Three of Cups

On the card, three glasses are raised in salute, we can’t see who the glasses belong to but they seem to be good friends and are toasting something.

The suit of Cups represents the element of water; this shows us emotions and intuition.

Traditionally this card shows celebrations with a group of close friends, I think there will be celebrations this weekend maybe it’s someone’s first win of the season, sealing a dream drive breaking a record, who know, there are lots of reasons to celebrate, so grab your friends and open that champagne. 

Outcome: The World

On the card, The map of Westeros is surrounded the sigil animals of the four main Westerosi families, the Lion of the Lannisters, the Stag of the Baratheons, the Dragon of the Targaryens and the Direwolf of the Starks.

This is a Major Arcana card, this symbolises the importance of the answer to this question.

This is the last card in the Major Arcana and it symbolises the end of a cycle. It’s time to move on from the previous part of your life, you’ve put all the pieces in place, you’ve overcome the trials and challenges set before you and you’ve succeeded and now it’s  time to leave all that behind and choose your next path.

This card showed itself in Hungary, where is turned out to point to Danny Ric, this time it’s the outcome card, so someone has been putting pieces in place to get whatever it is they want, the celebrations are being planned and now the plan is in place and working for you. Therefore, it’s time to start making your plans work and get the next part in place to work for you. Force India and Lance Stroll maybe?


This reading is telling a definite story, pieces have been put into place and you are about to put them in motion, when things are set in motion there will be cause for celebrations and this will mean that your deeds are done and it’s time to get the longer term plans in motion.

This can be any situation but the more I look at it the more I’m drawn to the idea of Lawrence Stroll taking over Force India, with Littlefinger being the figure on the card, someone is working to help themselves rather than for the good of other people, which points me further in this direction. Of course, I could be wrong; I was last time.


Memorable moments – The 2008 Belgian GP

McLaren and Ferrari were the dominant forces in 2008, and occupied the front two rows for the race at Spa, with Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) on pole from Felipe Massa (Ferrari), with Heikki Kovalainen (McLaren) third and Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) fourth.

As so often at Spa, the weather intervened to liven up the proceedings. The track was damp from earlier rain as the race began, with the cars sliding off the grid on dry tyres as Hamilton made a clean getaway, holding his lead from Massa.

Kovalainen had a terrible start, dropping back into midfield, while Raikkonen took the long way around the outside of La Source but held third place, taking second past Massa on the Kemmel Straight, with Kimi getting a better run through Raidillon.

In the slippy conditions the cars were sliding around, and at the start of lap two Hamilton spun at La Source, with Raikkonen behind running wide around La Source to avoid the spinning McLaren. Kimi now had a run on the slowly restarting Lewis and dragged past him on the Kemmel Straight into Les Combes to take the lead.

Kimi and Lewis circulated in the lead with Massa dropping back until the first round of pitstops. McLaren made the first move, bringing Lewis in, but traffic counted against them and when the stops had shaken out Kimi had a 5 second lead over Hamilton, with Massa 10 seconds back on his Ferrari team mate in third.

The track had dried out at this stage and the leading trio maintained their relative positions through the second round of pitstops. Kimi seemed to be in control, as the gap between the leading pair see-sawed, but then rain fell again towards the end of the race.

Lewis began to draw closer to the Ferrari, and with three laps to go he followed Kimi through Blanchimont and pulled out to make a move on the outside going into the Bus Stop chicane. Kimi held his line, forcing Hamiltlon to bail out at the last second, cutting across the grass and taking the position from Raikkonen.

Having passed off the track Hamilton then gave the position back to Kimi, just about, letting Raikkonen past him on the straight but immediately diving up the inside to retake the position into La Source. It was a move that was to ultimately cost Hamilton the race, as he would be handed a time penalty hours after the race by the stewards for not ceding the position back to Raikkonen.

On track Hamilton had the lead, and we were set for a grand stand finish. With two laps left Kimi was trying desperately to hang on to Hamilton’s tail on an ever slippy track to get the place back.

The pair weaved down the Kemmel straight, and Kimi ran wide into Pouhon, taking an unusual line off track around the outside of Pouhon, keeping his momentum up and gaining on Hamilton as a result. Immediately out of Pouhon there was trouble, as Nico Rosberg had spun his Williams and was rejoining the track at the Pif Paf chicane.

Hamilton went wide on the grass in avoidance and Kimi zipped by into the lead, but Kimi spun on the exit of the chicane, allowing Lewis back into first, with Massa now right behind the two leaders. Kimi tried to regain ground but lost it completely through Blanchimont, running wide off the track and the spinning back across the inside of the track and smashing his Ferrari off the wall.

The rain was falling ever more, and the leaders tip toed around the final lap without coming in for wets, with Hamilton taking the chequered flag from Massa. After an exhilarating end to the race however the result would be overturned by the stewards, with Hamilton penalised for taking a position from Kimi by cutting the chicane, seeing him demoted to third behind Nick Heidfeld’s BMW-Sauber (who had made a late switch to wet weather tyres) and eventual race winner Felipe Massa.


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