Alonso reveals his reasons for choosing the teams he did


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Brazil 2012 finale

Alonso reveals in the Belgian Grand Prix paddock his thought process

What could’ve been had the Spanish Samurai picked Red Bull rather than Ferrari in 2009? 

During an interview at the Belgian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso tells his reasons for not picking Red Bull 9 years ago.

In other news, it’s revealed that for 2019, Alonso claims that Red Bull asked him to join the team replacing Daniel Ricciardo saying  “From one of these top three teams… I had the offer a couple of times already this year. It was not the case for me to join”

Asked if he was referring to Red Bull and whether they had offered him Ricciardo’s seat, Alonso confirmed: “Yes.”


Verstappen snipes at Ricciardo’s Renault move

Verstappen says:

“Of course everybody has moments in their career where you’re frustrated or you’re not happy with the current situation.

“I think everybody here wants to win races or wants to win championships but sometimes it’s not like that and you have to really be patient and work hard for it.

“Sometimes you need the whole package to come together and that’s what Red Bull is working on at the moment and I’m confident that they can deliver a car which is capable of winning every race.

“We just need the whole package and we’re working towards that so that’s why it was also a little bit of a surprise for me that he left.

“If it is a change of scenery, I’m not sure if it’s the best scenery to go to…”


Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley, pictured, believes Red Bull’s Christian Horner has finally woken up to the problems in Formula One

Force India renamed Racing Point Force India for rest of 2018 season

The former Force India team has been granted a new entry to Formula 1 following their rescue from administration earlier this month.

The team is to be known as Racing Point Force India under its new management, after a takeover by a consortium led by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll.

As they are a new legal entity, they had to apply to enter as a new team.

Lawrence Stroll is the effective team boss, but it is being run on a day-to-day basis by chief operations officer Otmar Szafnauer.

Deputy team principal Bob Fernley, a close ally of former owner Vijay Mallya, has left the team.

Szafnauer said: “The new Racing Point Force India Team is delighted to be able to race when the championship resumes in Belgium this weekend. This heralds a new and exciting chapter for us.”

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  1. So Racing Point will start with 0 points in the championship. Will Force India entry stay in the 2018 list and will Williams become 11th in a 10 team championship?

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