New Red Bull livery breaks cover

Formula 1 is a sport that often prides itself on tradition and uniformity, but Red Bull Racing has regularly broken the mould with its approach to liveries. The team has a history of unveiling special liveries that deviate from its regular design to showcase its personality and engage fans around the world.

For this year, the Red Bull team is preparing to contest the United States Grand Prix (20-22 October) on the Austin, Texas track with a special livery, as was already the case in Miami earlier this year, and as will also be the case in Las Vegas next month.


Previous Red Bull livery specials

While these liveries are subject to FIA regulations, they are often a breath of fresh air in the paddock and a testament to the team’s ingenuity and marketing flair, and the next Grand Prix is no exception.

Below are some of the previous special liveries produced by Red Bull.


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The ‘Wings for Life’ livery

One of Red Bull Racing’s most memorable liveries was introduced for the 2007 Monaco Grand Prix. Instead of the typical corporate logos, the cars were adorned with a mosaic of faces. The team ran a ‘Wings for Life’ campaign, where fans could donate to have their photos featured on the car, with all proceeds going to spinal cord research. The initiative was a huge success and showed the team’s flair for community involvement and social responsibility.


Camo Bull: Pre-season testing

Another iconic moment came during pre-season testing for the 2015 season. Red Bull Racing unveiled a striking camouflage livery designed to hide the car’s lines and features from rival teams and photographers. Although it never made it to a Grand Prix, the livery was a hit with fans and pundits alike.



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Tribute to Aston Martin

In collaboration with Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing unveiled a special navy blue livery at the 2018 Australian Grand Prix. This was a one-off design to celebrate the launch of the new Aston Martin Vantage. Although the livery reverted to its traditional colours after the race, it left an indelible mark and highlighted the strong partnership between Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin.


White edition for home races

Another notable livery was the ‘White Edition’, which debuted at the 2008 British Grand Prix and was used again at the 2012 German Grand Prix. These liveries were introduced to celebrate Red Bull’s home races. The team swapped its usual navy blue for a cleaner, more minimalist white, but kept the iconic charging bulls, which provided a spectacular contrast.



Seasonal celebrations: The Christmas livery

Red Bull also knows how to bring some festive cheer to the paddock. Although not officially used in a race, the team once unveiled a Christmas-themed livery during a demo run, complete with Santa Claus, reindeer and snowflakes, which was an instant hit with fans and spread holiday cheer.


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New livery for the Red Bull in the USA

The Red Bull team is preparing to contest the United States Grand Prix (20-22 October) on the Austin, Texas track with a single-seater sporting a special livery, as was already the case in Miami earlier this year, and as will also be the case in Las Vegas next month.

This season, Red Bull is giving its fans the chance to choose three special liveries during the 2023 F1 season at the three events taking place in the United States: Miami, Austin and Las Vegas. Each winner of this competition will have his or her work painted on the team’s single-seater during one of the three aforementioned Grands Prix.



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“It’s all about getting the fans involved in the livery and appearance of the car,” said Red Bull team headmaster Christian Horner.

After a very colourful makeover at the Miami Grand Prix, the RB19 will be sporting a new livery next weekend for the US GP, a livery that will be unveiled a few days before the first laps of the wheel in Austin.

To take part in this unique competition, fans can visit the Red Bull Racing website or ‘The Paddock’ mini-site at this address.

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