Aston Martin team name change for 2024

Aston Martin first competed briefly in Formula One during the 1959 season as a full works outfit with their DBR4 chassis and their own engine. However the team failed to score a single point and another failed campaign in 1960 saw the team withdraw from the sport. 

The failure of the Racing Point Formula One team saw Lawrence Stroll, the owner of Aston Martin road cars, take control and rebrand it as Aston Martin using Mercedes power units until 2026. 



Cognizant set to be dropped

Stroll acquired two significant sponsors in Cognizant and Aramco who are both part of the FIA registered team name for 2023, but this is set to change from next season.

From next year, Cognizant will be dropped despite recently extending their commercial partnership with Aston Martin making the team name simpler.

An Aston Martin spokesperson explained this is because “phase two” of that arrangement is about to begin.“Cognizant was our first title partner – and they engaged with Aston Martin in order to build the reputation of their brand,” they said.

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Building a brand

“Cognizant is a $35billion [£28.6million] company with 300,000 employees – but three years ago it wasn’t a household name. Through the first phase of their partnership with us, they’ve achieved that – now, lots more people know who Cognizant are and what they do.

“This was always planned as phase two of that relationship – after achieving global brand awareness, they are deepening their partnership with us, they are applying their digital transformation to our business – both on and off the racetrack – and we are now building a deeper, broader relationship with them.”

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Aramco – Aston Martin

The new team name will be announced early in 2024 and Aramco – the Saudi based oil company – will continue in the official FIA designation alongside Aston Martin.

Having started the season as the best of the rest behind Red Bull, Aston Martin are battling with the resurgent McLaren to retain fourth place in the constructors’ championship. Although it is the Woking based team who have the momentum and are now just nine points behind the Silverstone based team.

Aston Martin were created as the Jordan team back in 1991 and have completed continuously in the sport under various guises since then.

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Driver change imminent

The change of name may not be the only big difference for Aston Martin F1 in 2024 given the lack of results from their driver Lance Stroll has led to widespread speculation he will be replaced with a driver capable of bringing a bigger contribution to the team’s efforts.

Fernando Alonso has led the charge this season for Aston Martin and sits fourth in the drivers’ title race with 183 points, 11 behind Lewis Hamilton in third. By contrast Lance Stroll has accumulated just 47 points despite his team mate having made the podium on seven out of seventeen outings.

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