Lance Stroll dumped as team sale rumour gains momentum

Aston Martin had a brief stint in Formula One in the 1950s, but withdrew due to the financial burden and complexity of the competition at the time. The iconic British marque’s decision to return was catalysed by Lawrence Stroll’s significant investment in Aston Martin Lagonda in January 2020, and with Stroll at the helm, plans were swiftly put in place to develop Racing Point into the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team, marking Aston Martin’s return to Formula One for the first time in over six decades.

But recent rumours appear to point at another potential brand falling away from the sport yet again. The rebrand went far beyond mere aesthetics. It embodied an overarching strategy aimed at upward mobility within the sport. Significant financial investment and a talented pool of engineers and support staff. Key drivers such as Lance Stroll were retained and four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel was brought on board, bringing a blend of youth and championship experience to the team.


The construction of a new factory and strong technical partnerships underlined Aston Martin’s commitment to long-term competitiveness. When Aston Martin made its Formula One debut for the 2021 season, expectations were high, especially as the team in its former guise of Racing Point / Force India regularly punched above its weight on the race track.

Although results in the first year were mixed, the stage was set for the team to aim higher and work towards establishing itself as a top-tier constructor in the years to come.


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Team sale rumours

In a potential seismic shift within the Formula One landscape, rumours are circulating that Yuki Tsunoda could replace Lance Stroll at Aston Martin, the young Canadian being dumped from F1 unceremoniously. This major change is contingent upon the $800 million sale of the team, currently owned by Lance Stroll’s billionaire father Lawrence Stroll, to a Saudi Arabian-based fund, according to F1-Insider.

Young Canadian driver Lance Stroll has endured a difficult season as a teammate of Formula One veteran Fernando Alonso. Not only has Stroll struggled to keep up with Alonso, but he has also attracted negative publicity for his actions off the track. In one recent headline-grabbing incident, Stroll was seen shoving his trainer in the garage after a disappointing qualifying performance.



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Yuki Tsunoda: A rising talent in the frame?

Yuki Tsunoda, on the other hand, is making waves for all the right reasons. The Red Bull junior was recently confirmed to retain his AlphaTauri seat for the 2024 F1 season. Sponsored by Honda, the Japanese manufacturer currently partnered with Red Bull, Tsunoda is reportedly in line for an Aston Martin seat should new ownership come into play.

Interestingly, Honda is set to become Aston Martin’s engine partner from 2026. This strategic partnership could provide a golden opportunity for Tsunoda to join Aston Martin, given his existing sponsorship relationship with Honda.

While the prospect of Tsunoda taking Stroll’s seat looks promising, there are contractual hurdles to overcome. Helmut Marko, a Red Bull consultant, recently stated, “Tsunoda is under contract with us. If Aston Martin were interested in him for next year, they would have to come to an agreement with us first…”


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The speculative sale of Aston Martin for a staggering $800 million is sending ripples through the Formula One community. As Lance Stroll’s underperformance and off-track behaviour continues to fuel discussions about his future in the sport, Yuki Tsunoda is the most likely successor to follow in his footsteps. However, the path to such a significant team change is fraught with financial and contractual complexities, with several parties, including Red Bull and Honda, involved in the equation.

Whether the sale goes through or not, these rumours already point to a volatile off-season of negotiations and potentially transformative changes within the world of Formula One. 

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  1. Schumacher was never as good as Alonso, Hamilton and Verstappen, merely being in the right place to use an excellent car and team when others weren’t in form. Alonso proved that from the minute he arrived. His nasty streak was his way of bullying others.

    • LOL. Schumacher was an integral part in developing the Ferrari into the monster that it was. Hell, he laid the foundation for Hamiltons success at Mercedes. Ham is the one you mentioned who doesn’t belong in the conversation, he’s good when out front, average when having to actually race without a dominant car.

    • I think you’ll find your comments also apply to Hamilton when he was ‘winning’ his F1 world championships.

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