10 yrs on… Former boss reveals Schumacher family life

Ex-team Formula 1 boss chooses drastic words as Eddie Jordan talks about Schumi’s wife Corinna and how she’s “Like a prisoner”.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the terrible skiing accident of Formula 1 record world champion Michael Schumacher, after which he disappeared from the public eye. Now Eddie Jordan, a former confidant, has spoken out about the situation of Schumi’s wife Corinna and in doing so has opted for dramatic remarks.



Tragic day

At the end of December 2013, it was not only the life of Michael Schumacher, who suffered severe head injuries in a fall on a ski tour and was in a coma for a long time, that changed, but also that of his family.

Schumacher’s wife Corinna, in particular, who has always been keen to protect her husband’s privacy and only extremely rarely gives an update on the record-breaking Formula One champion, was hit hard.

A circumstance that touches Eddie Jordan, who helped Michael Schumacher to his F1 debut in Belgium in 1991. He says that he also suffers with the brave 54-year-old.


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“She’s like a prisoner…”

“It’s been almost ten years now and Corinna couldn’t go to a party, lunch or this or that,” Jordan told the UK’s Sun, adding: “She’s like a prisoner.”

Everyone wants to talk to her about the Formula One icon “even though she doesn’t need to be reminded of it every minute,” Jordan continued, praising the German for her strength in struggling to cope with the state of his health.

And this despite the fact that Jordan himself was not even allowed to see his ex-protégé.



Clear visiting rules in the Schumacher family

For Corinna only allows her own and the closest family circle to see the 54-year-old. One of the few people outside the family who is allowed to see Schumacher is former Ferrari team boss and former FIA president Jean Todt.

Todt himself revealed last summer that he regularly watches Formula 1 races with Michael, saying he’s not lost his passion for racing and cars.

“I don’t miss Michael, I can see him. But of course, what I miss is what we used to do together,” said Todt in an interview with German TV channel NTV.

“It’s true that I still watch F1 races with him.”


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Jordan in the dark with the rest of us

Jordan, on the other hand, knows no more about his former driver’s condition than the public. “He’s there, but he’s not there,” the 74-year-old said recently, referring to Schumacher senior’s state of health.

Further saying “[…our time] didn’t last long, but this love for him still lasts and always will, as long as I can still breathe,” Jordan said of the future record world champion, who, after his impromptu stint as a substitute driver in the Jordan team at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix.

Schumacher switched after just one race to Benetton, where he collected his first two of a total of seven world championship titles in the coming years as a regular driver.

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