Ecclestone on Schumacher: “Red Bull better”

“It will be difficult for him to find a cockpit” says former Formula 1 ‘ringmaster’ as Bernie Ecclestone describes Mick Schumacher’s “biggest problem”; the German youngster needed to be at Red Bull as they’re a better team. Also, with his father Michael Schumacher at his side, Mick Schumacher would still be a regular driver in F1, according to former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

“Michael could have given his son so, so many details with all his experience. He would have shown him the right way, driving-wise, but also politically,” the 92-year-old told Sport Bild. “With Michael as an advisor at his side, Mick would be in the cockpit of a good team as a regular driver.”


After two years as a regular driver with the US racing team Haas, Mick Schumacher is now only allowed to watch Formula 1 this season. The German is a reserve driver for Mercedes.



Heavy burden for Mick

Ecclestone went on to say that Mick Schumacher was carrying a heavy burden of his name.

“Living up to his name is his biggest problem. It will be hard for him to find a cockpit. Especially one where he can win. I feel sorry for Mick,” said the Briton.

During his move to Mercedes however, Mick Schumacher had said: “I see this as a kind of new beginning and I’m very grateful to everyone involved for the trust they’ve put in me.”


Michael Schumacher had suffered a serious accident while skiing in the French Alps in 2013. He continues to recover from the severe craniocerebral trauma he suffered when he fell on a rock, isolated from the public and surrounded by his family.

Details about the 54-year-old’s state of health are not known. Mick Schumacher had also publicly regretted several times that his father could no longer be present as a counsellor since his tragic skiing accident. There was so much to talk about, Mick Schumacher had said in a Netflix documentary.

“I would give up everything just for that.”


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“Red Bull would be better for Mick Schumacher”

Ecclestone doesn’t only see Mick as the one to blame for the drop out as a regular driver. He also sees Günther Steiner, the German’s ex-team boss, as responsible. Mick Schumacher was in the wrong team, Ecclestone told Sport Bild.

“Red Bull would have been better for him. There they would have taken more care of him and built him up.”

The new Formula One season starts on 5 March with the race in Bahrain and ends on 26 November in Abu Dhabi. For 2023, Ecclestone expects a far more exciting race for the title.



“There is no favourite at the moment. Ferrari should have won the title last year. They fell asleep too early. Mercedes have certainly worked hard in the winter and won’t have another flop like last year,” he said.

Asked if Lewis Hamilton will also be able to challenge for the title again, Ecclestone replied: “He can do it. Lewis is an exceptionally talented driver,” and added: “One thing I know for sure is that if he wins that eighth title, he’ll quit immediately.

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