UPDATED: Schumacher is done

It appears that a pivotal moment has now passed for Mick Schumacher. During the Grand Prix at Monza, the German driver was to learn of his fate as a Ferrari driver, and unfortunately, the young son of Michael Schumacher now knows he’s done at Ferrari with a deafening silence from Binotto. At the Italian Grand Prix, Mick Schumacher finished twelfth, GP rookie Nyck de Vries ninth in the Williams. Timo Glock, Sky Sports F1 Germany expert, says that this isn’t great news for Mick, cementing his likely demise from the sport, and certainly Ferrari.

High-speed circuits like Spa-Francorchamps or Monza are not exactly optimal race tracks for the Haas’ 2022 race car, and so another zero result for Mick Schumacher was foreseeable for the Italian GP. The 23-year-old finished twelfth and remains on his two points runs, eighth in England, sixth in Austria. He has been without further points for five races.

Not great news for the Haas driver who is tied to Ferrari.

Former F1 driver turn pundit, Timo Glock, was at the Royal Park of Monza as Formula 1 expert for the German Sky channek: “A rookie really convinced me at the weekend in Italy: Nyck de Vries did a super job at his first Grand Prix.”

“To jump into the Williams on Saturday and then deliver like that, that’s outstanding. He was also very clever in the race and stayed out of trouble on lap 1. De Vries immediately found a rhythm and went with the train straight away. He has delivered a clear calling card for next year.”


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Timo Glock went on to say, “It’s clear in my eyes what this means for the driver market,” lamenting that it is almost certainly a final nail in the coffin for Schumacher,

“De Vries has been a candidate for the unoccupied cars all along, but of course with a performance like this weekend he has put himself more clearly on the agenda. He will definitely be on every team’s list now. I’m also sure we’ll see him in one of the cars next year.” said the German pundit,


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“For Mick Schumacher, it means there is a new opponent in the fight for the remaining cockpits. That doesn’t make it any easier for him.”

Glock acknowledges, “Mick, somewhat under the radar, put in a great performance as well. To move up to 12th with 16 laps all weekend and all the problems he had in practice, this with a car that had no speed in Monza, that’s a really good performance. And he was clearly in control of his teammate Kevin Magnussen this time as well.”

“If there had been a restart after the safety car period, Schumacher might have had the opportunity to finish in the points. He made no mistakes and got the maximum out of his package.”



This gives Timo Glock the certainty that indeed Mick Schumacher is done with Ferrari, and probably F1 in general: “Still, there was no clear commitment to Mick from Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto,

“Certainly, in the end the racing team bosses decide who will drive the cars in 2023. But no commitment from Binotto, that shows me that the collaboration between Ferrari and Mick Schumacher will be over by the end of the year.”

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UPDATE: Ferrari’s team boss Binotto makes a statement on Mick Schumacher

Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto says that he ‘hopes’ Mick Schumacher can stay at Haas another season, but makes no promises.

“It was another unfortunate weekend for Mick, he had problems with the car and couldn’t drive much before qualifying, which is why he had to start from the back,” Binotto told Sky Germany.

“We still have a few races, then we’ll sit down with Haas and hopefully find the best decision for him and his future.”


Haas boss Gunther Steiner says Mick still has to show what he can do saying:

“We are considering what is best for the development of the team,” he said.

“Do we only look at the technology or also the driving element?

“To be honest, we don’t know if Mick will stay or not. He delivered very good races in Canada, England and Austria, but he lacks the consistency to perform well. We’re in no hurry on the driver issue and Mick still has chances to show what he can do.”




18 responses to “UPDATED: Schumacher is done

  1. Never liked Hamilton from day one and Ferrari can go to hell.Mr. Schumacher is fine and his father carried them to greatness.Such disrespect and boorishness from these elite teams especialamong the teams owners/management is best left private. I think the journalists are part or problem too.Sensationalism /drama not required.

    • Binotto has sabatoged Leclerc chances at the championship and he keeps doing it. Hamilton is a has been asshole. I’d like to know what the other hass drivers race results are, has anyone considered has is low budget, not a good team to begin with. Schumacher hasn’t been given a chance at Ferrari so how can he be done with them and it seems as though this article is purely speculation.

  2. I agree 100% Mick needs a better car under him and will show the rest what he can do, Ferrari need to understand Mick has his fathers jeans and as such will flourish.

    • Yeah. If he doesn’t get a drive I’m sure he can put those jeans on eBay and make some money. Maybe a photo with him wearing them too to add some provenance.

    • Wouldn’t make any difference, he’s not good enough for F1. Nor was Bruno Senna who’s uncle is legend.

      For anyone who claims he needs a better car to show what he can do, Alonso started in a Minardi. George Russell a Williams. Both cars were amongst the slowest on the grid

  3. Give him a fast car and see what he can done one race does not make you a Great driver we have seen this time and a gain

  4. Mick was floated through f2 by the FIA and FOM allowing his team to turn up his engine. Even his team mates complained. He went from a joke to winning races over night and the data showed a peculiar speed increase that could only come from power and not from driving line.

    They did him wrong because he got put into f2 too soon and then pushed into f1 when he didn’t deserve it.
    F1 has been uncle vettel begging driver stewards not to penalize mick and Ferrari telling haas to give any new parts and strategy preference only to Mick. It’s no wonder mazepin and his dad were pissed all of the time. How much heavier was mazepins chassis for every race but 2?

    Bring in kmag who had been out of racing for how long and he just smashed mick.

    The kid needs to go back to f2 where there are no real prospects right now. See how he does with out Prema getting the nod from FIA.

    • Clearly you don’t know progress when it happens. True he was pushed through F2 and then F1 but this year he has shown that he is better than Latifi, Stroll, Vettel, & neck n neck with Mag. Why not all go to F2 then?? You are clearly good in judgment without facts and poor in simple analytics.
      You seem don’t to like him which is fair everyone has their favorite driver, i know he isn’t my favorite but these are simply facts. So get them right!

      • You can’t compare vettel to mick. Or stroll to mick.
        You can only compare mick to kmag who smoked him 90% of the time and this is from coming off a sabbatical.
        And last year he could only place ahead of mazespin who had a heavier chassis, and never got the new parts, and mick never reciprocated strategy during qualifying. (You can thank uncle Ralf for that)

        I’m not saying mazepin should be in f1, that’s a different discussion. But when you have a lighter car that should give you 6/10 a lap on most laps… and you always get the new aero which on avg is 1-2 tenths…

        Mick just has not shown ability. He is a nice kid that should ignore his uncle and go back to f2 for 1-2 seasons with a car that has equal power and see how he does.

    • 2 there are alot of good drivers in F1but only a few racers sorry mick but you are a good driver but I’ve not seen you race yet so who do I think are the races well max of course Lewis naturally and alonso who needs to go first of all binnotto and wolf how many times have I witnessed Mercedes failure to bring in there cars at the right time it’s so frustrating

  5. Mick will never be like his dad but people have got to respect that he’s a good driver in his own way . You look at jaun Pablo who was he ( he was in a fast car but nobody knew where he came from) people need to respect other drivers like bottas who as went to a car that is not in the top 3 cars so people need 1 start respecting that not everyone is in a fast car but respect the driver (ie ,Alonso ,vettell) so why pick on Mick Schumacher he’s a driver like everyone else but in a crap car

  6. I’m not a massive f1 fan but do occasionally enjoy watching, if qualifiers show up something different
    But I’ve listened to conversations and also contributed my opinions
    From David coulthard being a fellow Scot and jenson button arriving on the scene more so button driving for bennetton at the time I was team jenson maybe 3 or 4 places behind coulthard but never thought Dc was the better driver
    But from a neutral watching all f1 drivers are excellent talents but for the cars regardless who is driving to be so dominant for the season and usually 2 to 3 seasons at a time can be no coincidence
    Vettal great champion but ferrari lost edge so he moves on to a team project rather than compete for the championship
    Lewis Hamilton is in a car which is lagging behind in speed to compete this season is he all of a sudden not a great driver??
    Max verstappen is in a outstanding car this season and was a bit lucky to be champion last season, but if its over a season then a single decision didn’t win and no one looks back at how last season ended up a competition when it looked done and dusted with 7 or 8 races to go
    But if people think driving a car from smaller budgets will get a driver to make them a championship winning team because of pure driving skills then that’s why people love sport because we love the under dog

  7. It was clear to me early on he is simply not good enough out classed by magnusson who had been out for 3yrs, and maybe he would have been better in a better car, but for me, he makes way to many mistakes.

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