Hamilton makes demands of other drivers

At the age of 37, Lewis Hamilton is closer to the end than the beginning of his career, and in recent years, the British driver has spoken out on a number of social issues. As the twilight of his racing begins, he is becoming more vocal in the media about how he believes things should change. In a lengthy interview with the French press, the seven-time Formula One world champion spoke out about the struggles he faces and sent a message to other drivers.

Seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton for some is a voice that counts in the world of sport. In recent years, the British driver has taken a stand on a number of social issues and has been involved in many battles and struggles. The Mercedes driver gave a long interview to Canal + and spoke about several subjects.

“Human rights are not politics. Every human being on earth deserves to be treated equally. Every child should be able to get a good education. Some people still live with old ideas about origins, genes. So education is the key,” said Lewis Hamilton, who took the opportunity to send a message to the younger generation.



“Equal opportunities still don’t apply to everyone. There are still so many barriers for disadvantaged people. I am the only driver of colour to have reached F1,

“I have to show the younger people that you have to be brave, that you have to speak out when something is unfair. You can’t be afraid to take a stand,

“We can all do more. Nobody is perfect. It’s all a question of will. We need to create a better future for young people,

“It doesn’t matter where you come from or the colour of your skin, you should have the same opportunities,” said the Formula One driver.



Hamilton sends a message to other drivers

The 37-year-old Hamilton, who might well be nearing the end of his career, also sent a message to other drivers.

“People sometimes feel that this is not about them. We all belong to the human race. We need to move forward together. We need new models for future generations,

“It is our responsibility to send the right message (…) I encourage other drivers to take a stand. I don’t want to put pressure on them, but you have to get out of your comfort zone,” continued the British driver.

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24 responses to “Hamilton makes demands of other drivers

  1. The struggles he faces? Really? Does he worry about the price of gas an oil? Is he one of the 6 million on an NHS waiting list? Is he worried how much his mortgage will rise once his 5 year fixed is up or that he can’t afford to buy food? His biggest worry is looking bad on track.

    • Obviously you are born to be one of the Entitled, the interest rates you face are pitence compared to the 17% we from older generation faced.
      Lucky Lewis has had to earn his hefty pay packet to afford such luxuries that you mentioned.
      Every time he stepped into those cars his life was on the line.
      Get over yourself

      • Haha get Iver yourself, he gets £40 million for being the 6th nest driver this year. I have enough to cover my bills thanks but many dont, people who work harder than Shamilton does.

  2. LEAVE POLITICS OUT OF SPORTS! If you want to kneel , then kneel, if you want to believe in Global warming then by all mean believe , if you want to wear rainbows go ahead . If you don’t then understand that it’s OK TO DISAGREE! It’s HEALTHY to disagree that’s what makes everyone an individual. Practice what you preach. You want to fly around in private jets. you want to support gays for being who they want to be, yet have a problem with someone being who they are when they disagree. Go take a nap.

  3. Not the first person of colour in f1. There’s been two drivers of Asian/Indian descent before him

    • Seems to think of colour only means black – if you are going to preach then be more informed. Has he done anything to promote racing to minority communities with his millions or is he just buying other of woke clothes to show he is in touch with his roots? Hamilton lead the way don’t just demand others do it!

  4. Albon…checo..sainz…yuki… Zhou…and thats just the current list.

    Lewis needs to shut up. When someone boos him it’s about his race. But when someone boos better or versus open etc then it’s about the sport and people are emotional.

    The other thing… The bs about he and his family being poor. His dads business was very well off and Ron Dennis was paying them a salary and paying his carting bills since he was 8.

    He needs to retire and go away.

    • His father always seemed like a very capable man. And yes, Lewis was never poor. In fact, by most standards he was always rich. You don’t even consider carting for your child without being very well off. Senna’s dad was rich, Schumacher’s dad was rich. The whole subject is stupid in the context of an elitist sport. These talking points only work for football and such sports where you only need a ball.

  5. He might first tell his fanclub to not discriminate, oppress and threaten other people before trying to be a saint.

  6. He can always use his millions to help the disadvantaged, but I guess talking about it is easier, you know, he’s in his “comfort zone”…….

  7. What he keeps forgetting is that F1 and in general car racing is more an elitist sport rather than racist. People are not discriminated because of their race (as in ethnical background). They are discriminated because of their bank account. You need a support of millions of dollars to get there, not like in other sports where a few thousands would be enough for a kid to get a chance. Hamilton is just riding the Black Lives Matter train.

  8. Sir Lewis needs to shut up, understand when he is totally outclassed on the track and leave politics out of sport. We, the avid viewers of the F1 deserve to watch a race without a winging (P??) Individual. He is only happy when he wins. (Disgusting sportsmanship) I get embarrassed for everyone else who tries their best in half arsed equipment without a gripe.

    Hats off to all the others who have the b…. to play the ultimate game dominated by a person of color who uses it as a podium to get people to feel sorry for him.

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