Monza says sorry

In a statement, the Monza circuit expressed its regret for the inconvenience experienced by some fans during the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix.

The record attendance at Monza clearly exceeded the organisers’ expectations at the Italian Grand Prix, causing some disruption to fans, with facilities such as sanitary installations sometimes not being sufficient. Some people openly criticised the organisation of the Italian GP on social media and shared their bad experiences.

As with the Austrian Grand Prix, there are also reports of insults, intimidation and abuse from some fans.


“The Autodromo Nazionale Monza expresses its regrets for the discomfort of those fans present at the Italian Grand Prix who may have encountered some inconvenience.”

“The structure and its teams have made every effort to organise this event which has exceeded all records of participation, beyond all estimates and forecasts.”

“For Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the fans’ experience is the priority and for this reason we must carry out rigorous checks with our partners to determine and study the origin of all the criticisms and take the necessary measures so that it does not happen again in the future.”



The Gran Premio d’Italia is the fifth oldest national Grand Prix, after the French Grand Prix, the United States Grand Prix, the Spanish Grand Prix and the Russian Grand Prix, having been held since 1921. In 2013 it became the most held Grand Prix (the 2022 edition was the 92nd).

It is one of the two Grands Prix (along with the British) which has run as an event of the Formula One World Championship Grands Prix every season, continuously since the championship was introduced in 1950.

Every Formula One Italian Grand Prix in the World Championship era has been held at Monza except in 1980, when it was held at Imola.

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2 responses to “Monza says sorry

  1. Queues were never ending and extremely disorganised.
    Transport was disastrous and absolutely disorganised. No taxis. Few buses for transfers to the train station. Trains jampacked. Access paths to walk to the stands, extremely dusty as it is covered in soil, making the air unbreathable, and a health risk for asthma sufferers.
    The coupon system is a mess – why not sell coupons with the entry tickets, and avoid unnecessary queues to buy coupons/credit bracelets?
    A wasted and tiring day for a 2 hour event. Surely never again.

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