Another Piquet racist Hamilton comment with homophobic slander

Hot off the heels of the podcast that saw former F1 champion Nelson Piquet call Lewis Hamilton a ‘Nigga’, new footage of the Brazilian has emerged where he repeats the term about the black British driver, then goes as far as adding a homophobic slanderous comment. 

Last week, Piquet defended his comments and apologised to Hamilton publically in a statement saying that it was a common term from his country and generation, and his intention was not racist. 

According to the Brazilian news website grandepremio, this latest interview is from November 2021. Nelson called Lewis “the blackie” again and there is considerably less doubt that this wasn’t in a racist tone. When Nelson says Lewis was “giving more his ass”, this is a literal translation of the expression “dando o cu”, which in this context means Lewis was too busy having gay sex to care about the championship.


Last Wednesday, former F1 world champion Nelson Piquet apologised for the remarks he made about Lewis Hamilton.

“What I said was ill thought out, and I am not trying to defend it but I wish to clarify the term I used which is widely and historically used in Brazilian Portuguese jargon as a synonym for ‘guy’ or ‘dude’ and I never intended to offend”


Hamilton’s team Mercedes responded:

“We condemn in the strongest terms any use of racist or discriminatory language of any kind,” their statement read.

“Lewis has spearheaded our sport’s efforts to combat racism, and he is a true champion of diversity on and off track.

“Together, we share a vision for a diverse and inclusive motorsport, and this incident underlines the fundamental importance of continuing to strive for a brighter future.”

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Nelson Piquet’s statements about Lewis Hamilton have further consequences for the three-time world champion.

Three-time Formula 1 world champion Nelson Piquet loses his honorary membership of the British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) because of racist statements about Lewis Hamilton. 

Piquet’s words are “unacceptable and completely inappropriate for an honorary member,” the BRDC said on Thursday.




9 responses to “Another Piquet racist Hamilton comment with homophobic slander

  1. He had a explanation the first time. This one is inexplicable. End of Nelson I think. No excuse will help him out here.

    • Piquet was always a vile character.

      Read up on the insults this man put out about Senna and Mansell back in the day.

      This hopefully removes him from F1 paddocks permanently

      • You have a 3 times champion should show respect for all drives then verstaffen a gifted champion takes sides not on is it it a sport

  2. Anyone shocked or even surprised by this doesn’t really know the first thing about Nelson Piquet Souto Maior.

  3. All I can say and the same goes for all you like minded people out there is please no more racist or homophobic comments it’s 2022 for gods sake not 1922 grow up and shut up and let’s enjoy the racing

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