Leclerc accusations against Ferrari

The Monaco curse just won’t let go. Charles Leclerc’s fourth attempt with Formula 1 in the Principality, the local boy again fails to make it onto the podium in his home race, this time from a perfect position putting his Ferrari on pole and leading the race initially.

This year, the Ferrari lead driver has to settle for a thankless fourth place and the Monegasque didn’t hold back with some accusations against Ferrari and the team pit wall. The change to intermediates was not planned or agreed by him and the Ferrari pit wall, with the late call to box being a big surprise.

In fact, it appears that Ferrari has now been fined for poor radio communications READ MORE ON THIS.


“It hurts because of course it’s a very important race for me,” Leclerc admits, inevitably blaming his team:

“It wasn’t miscommunication either, it wasn’t communication at all, that’s a big difference.”

“I was asked if I wanted to go on dry tyres and I said that’s fine with me, but a bit later in the race,

“Then all of a sudden at the stop there were intermediates on and we were also undercut by Perez. I don’t know where this change of mind came from: it was a very clear decision, but also a very wrong one. From then on, the chaos started.”

When describing the odd call by the team to continue on the track and abort the pit stop, it was too late and Leclerc’s anger boiled over.

“First they said go in, then stay out, but I was already in the pits. That’s why I let it out and shouted on the radio,

“What the hell are we doing right now? I’m at a loss for words.”


The experts also scolded the Italians, including the German Sky TV pundit Timo Glock:

“The calmness that was there at Red Bull was missing at Ferrari,

“They were afraid to make the wrong decision and they did. For the next races they have to prepare better and have a clear plan.”






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