Vettel angry after Monaco

The four-time German world champion was not pleased after the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco yesterday and firmly pointed the finger at Pirelli.

Vettel finished tenth in the Monaco Grand Prix and scored a championship point thanks to the penalty for Esteban Ocon, however the German wasn’t slow to criticise the performance of Aston Martin and Pirelli. Vettel started the race in ninth position and was one of the first drivers to switch from extreme wets to intermediates on lap 6, returning to the track behind Pierre Gasly who had also pitted. Vettels’ pace was very good and he quickly caught up with Gasly but then was held up by Guanyu Zhou’s Alfa Romeo. 


By the time Vettel passed the Chinese driver, the advantage had gone he lost crucial ground, being 14.2 seconds behind Gasly. Sebastian Vettel was asked in post race interviews if the change to intermediates was too quick and should he have stayed out on wets, to switch over to slicks later, much like Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz.

“We had to try,” says Vettel,

Even if he admits that “in retrospect it might have been better” to stay on full wets.

“The rain tyre was so slow that it was the wrong tyre. It is much too hard for this track, but also too hard for tracks like Imola. It is simply a bad tyre,” Vettel criticises Pirelli.


The wet tyre is totally “useless” condemned Vettel.

“It looks nice, but as soon as you can, you switch to the intermediate because it’s a softer rubber compound and therefore a better tyre. The rain tyre just doesn’t fit here.”

“I remember days when you could drive in conditions like this. Monza in 2008, for example, or China in 2009. That was a long time ago. But not with these tyres,” Vettel says.


He finished one second behind Valtteri Bottas in eleventh position. Due to Ocon’s penalty, he inherited a point.

“For me it was actually a clean race without any incidents. And we got a point, which is not bad, because in Monaco it’s always difficult to work your way up.”

“When I consider how the race developed, I don’t think more would have been possible. Especially the first laps with the rain tyre were really difficult. That’s why we switched to the intermediate as early as possible,” explained the 34-year-old.




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