Hamilton emotional apology to the fans

“Welcome to the Lewis Hamilton emotional rollercoaster”, was the observation of Formula One champion Damon Hill following an exuberant interview given by Hamilton prior to the 2022 Spanish GP. The W13 had tested upgrades earlier in the week at Paul Ricard and Hamilton gushed over the improved performance.

Two races earlier a dejected Lewis required his team boss to console him after a poor race in Iola, “Sorry Lewis. The car was underivable”, said Toto as the chequered flag fell. The car wasn’t that ‘underivable’, as George Russell had just nailed his 4th consecutive top 5 finish classified as P4 while Hamilton languished in P13.

what happened to lewis hamilton

Nico Rosberg observed after the race that Toto was “lying” about the car just to keep his champion driver’s chin up.

Having seen his team mate for the 7th time this season finish in the top 5 at the 2022 Monaco GP, a frustrated Hamilton blamed ‘The Alpine’s’ for driving too slowly which in effect ruined his race. Lewis was P8 behind ex-team mate Fernando Alonso.


Having completed his round of media duties, Hamilton decided to take to his favourite social media outlet Instagram. His legion of fans were upset posting ‘hate’ comments towards Alonso for ‘deliberately ruining Lewis’ race’.

“I just wanted to thank you all for your unwavering support,’ began Hamilton.

“I can’t express how grateful I am for those I saw this weekend and for those watching at home somewhere in the world.”

I appreciate you and hope you had a great weekend.”

Recognising his poor performance when compared to team mate Russell, Hamilton conceded, 

“I’m sorry I haven’t given you any great results this year but I won’t give up, we win and we lose together.”

“Tomorrow’s a new day to rise. Sending you love,” he concluded.


2022 will be a year as mentally tough for Lewis as the 2015 and 2016 seasons where he acrimoniously battled for the world drivers’ titles with team mate Nico Rosberg.

It’s unlikely Lewis can come back and beat George Russell this season and will have to accept being second in the team mate pecking order for the first time in 6 years.



7 responses to “Hamilton emotional apology to the fans

  1. I place the blame for Ham’s troubles directly on his insane fans who puffed him up so much that he began to believe in all that was said about him by his doting fans and lost touch with reality.
    That led him to believe he was God, that he was the Goat and made him canvass for his Knighthood, little realising that when he falls from the artificial pedestal that he had climbed on to, it would be a grievous hurt.

    • Exactly. I also start to understand why he was pushing so hard to keep Bottas on board. Deep in his heart he must’ve known he would be exposed as a not so great driver, next to Russell.

  2. I support Sir Lewis Hamilton win or lose. We are in this together.. Lots of Love and support always.

  3. If Alonso was driving so slowly, why didn’t LuLu just pass him? Oh, he couldn’t. Maybe he isn’t that good after all.

  4. Lulu always blames somebody else it’s never his fault l wonder is he blameing nanny Angela for forgetting to take his BUTT plug out making his eyes popping and jaw aching he’s one Prize PRICK go George go keep making a complete fool of him lulu your Finished and so it TOT WOLF yyes I meant to put TOT

  5. Stop whining and start racing. He’s not used to this and needs the best car on the grid to perform even though his teamate shows how it’s done consistently. His constant blaming of others is like a bad carpenter blaming his tools. Increasingly irrelevant.

  6. Crap car, unwarrented and negative reporting, rumors of garage rifts. When you are the best you expect the best, not second rate backing.
    I think that most of us would be upset, a bad decision last season robbing of a world title, then given a car that is inferior to your team mates.
    Then a silly row over piercing, if a driver has fillings in their teeth should they have those teeth extracted?

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