Toto the liar

Nico Rosberg said Toto Wolff’s radio message to Lewis Hamilton as soon as he crossed the line at Imola was a clever strategy on the part of the Austrian, in fact, Toto lied to Hamilton and the German confirms this strategy.

It was one of the most fraught weekends in F1 for the seven-time world champion, who found himself stuck in a train of cars during the Grand Prix, unable to overtake anyone. Finishing thirteenth, Hamilton received the support of his team boss at the time.

Rosberg knows how Hamilton’s mind works, proved by his besting the British driver in 2016 when team mates. The German believes that his former boss wanted to publicly protect his driver, who in fact had a lot to answer for after Imola. Russell’s fourth place in the same car is proof of this.



“Sorry you had to drive that today. I know it’s impossible to drive and we don’t deserve a result like that. We will move on, but it was a terrible race. We’ll get over it,” Wolff said on the radio at the time,


“Toto did some psychology, which was very clever of him,” said the 2016 world champion,

“Mercedes is taking the blame for this result and wants to support Lewis mentally by saying, ‘Hey Lewis you’re not to blame, it’s our fault.’ That’s very good thinking because it’s not true,

“Bear in mind that Russell finished fourth in the same car, so Lewis has his share of responsibility for this weekend’s poor result. George proved that there is more to this car.”


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  1. Don’t you have a spell checker Judge it’s Liar! Speaking of which don’t post anything from that lying cheating scumbag Rosberg, the sooner he goes back to the retirement which he wanted the better, no one wants him in F1 mostly Lewis who blanks him every time. His title in 2016 was no more valid than Max’s and no one is interested in what he has to say particularly when he says he knows Lewis which he doesn’t as they haven’t been friends since kids in karting. All Rosberg is trying to do is make himself relevant but most drivers particularly Lewis want nothing to do with him.
    This whole article is absolute bollocks and not worthy of you Judge.

    • I might also add, Rosberg bested Lewis by getting into his head. Therefore very qualified to comment on Totos tactics

      • Nico is another reason why Lewis is NOT the goat, as a average driver, Nico still managed to beat him

        • So let me get this straight Guido, Lewis is not the GOAT and an average driver because he was robbed of a title not once but twice and still managed to win WTC seven times. That sort of logic is sure to make you a hit at parties, what do you do for an encore 😂

          • canno even bother to give you an answer, as you are dreaming of Lewis even when awake

          • As I’ve mentioned before, reading isn’t your forte.
            It says LH is not the GOAT because an average driver like Nico beat him in 2016.
            It doesn’t say LH is an average driver.

          • I am happy that Russell will be handing that prima donna his arse on a plate this season. As Rosberg said, clearly not the car when George got a satisfying 4th place

          • Thank you for commenting. I know certain commentators here are a bit dominant and abusive and we’re trying to sort that out

      • That is actually very true Judge and he also knew Lewis very well after losing to him so many times over the years but in 2016 he surpassed himself with a great deal of help from Mercedes. Lewis may have been the far superior driver but Rosberg knew how to get under his skin and I believe that when Lewis retires and writes his memoirs he will shed light on how Rosberg managed that feat given that while a driver he is prevented from doing so having signed an iron clad NDA. You only need to see what Lewis thinks of Rosberg when as a pundit he tries to interview him but as his ex team mate Lewis blanks him completely and walks right past him, how embarrassing.

        • Steve is that you under a new nickname? Been hearing these same old stories ad nauseam. It’s like you’re trying to apologize on Hamilton’s behalf of not performing well

    • It was always, the car never hammie himself. Now the car is mediocre you see even his teammate trashes him.

      He also was never robbed, if the stewards had been unbiased in Silverstone, he would have been punished much more severely for causing a serious accident, that put a driver in hospital (like anyone else would have been), and the championship would already have been Max’s .

    • Second warning. I will block you!!!!! Stay away from the pejorative language NOW!!!!!!!

    • Unfortunately in 100 years your opinion will be lost in the mass of internet data. But the F1 history books will show Rosberg and Mac won titles.

    • Well they did. Your schoolboy pencil Jotter of F1 history doesn’t count. The FIA record books do.

  2. Well. At present there’s plenty, British media ae hammering him like the Express. We’re not alone

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